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Guidesearcher — is a convenient service for the booking of tourist attractions and outdoor activities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Unlimited offers

    There is no limit of offers from your company. Place a bid in the Russian and English languages ​​to cover foreign tourists. Grow your business, invent new services, configure competitive price offers, and we will help you sell them.

  • You don't nead your own site anymore

    Offers pages are adapted to a variety of devices and allows you to specify all the necessary information — what to expect, what to bring, the conditions of the service, amount, geographical coordinates, interesting pictures. Customers will simply pay for the service by credit card, and come to you.

  • Flexible fares

    We include many nuances of your business into account. When you create a proposal you can specify a different value for age groups and for group tickets. Also, do not forget to offer the customer additional services to the ticket, such as food or equipment.

  • Available analitics and reviews

    Balance displays your earnings from ticket sales and count of your pages views. Draw conclusions, improve the service based on visual statistics.

How it works
Quick registration

Enter basic information about your company, download the automatically generated invoice for payment according to the tariff, pay it and enjoy the full capabilities of our service.

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Check the capabilities of your private dashboard

You will be able to create and fill the pages of your proposals immediately after registration. Convenient personal account allows you to specify all the necessary information to accept orders from customers, answering questions in a chat, to collect payment from customers, analyze the statistics of views and much more.

Flexible fares

We tried to consider various options for the formation of your ticket for the service. You can set the ticket prices, given, if required, the client's age (for children, adults), the number of people (group tours), additional services to the ticket, the duration or time of day.

Balance & analytics

Balance displays your earnings from ticket sales and views of your pages. Draw conclusions, improve the service based on visual statistics.

Messages & orders

You receive a request from the customer, containing data on the number of persons, date and time of the desired visit. You can always ask questions and clarify the details of the client using the chat in your private dashboard.

Reviews & ratings

For each offer displayed rating and reviews, which travelers can leave immediately after a visit. Keep an eye on the quality of your services and your offer will be chosen more often than others.

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