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    Hiking trip to the plateau of Manpupyner through the pass Djatlova

    Basic details

    Place: Ekaterinburg, Russia, Парниковая улица, 8
    Duration: 13 days

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    • Hiking trip to the plateau of Manpupyner through the pass Djatlova
    • Hiking trip to the plateau of Manpupyner through the pass Djatlova
    • Hiking trip to the plateau of Manpupyner through the pass Djatlova
    • Hiking trip to the plateau of Manpupyner through the pass Djatlova
    • Hiking trip to the plateau of Manpupyner through the pass Djatlova
    • Hiking trip to the plateau of Manpupyner through the pass Djatlova

    What to expect

    Type: Trekking Date: from 18.07.2016 to 30.07.2016 from 02/08/2016 to 14/08/2016 from 08/15/2016 to 08/08/2016 Deadline for applications: 14.07.2015 Location: Ural Mountains Country: Russia Category: 2 к.с The journey to the plateau of Manpupuner is unique in nature. The beauty of nature, mystical places, complex transitions along the taiga and visiting places of worship for the tourist - all this will not leave indifferent even experienced travelers. One of the features of this route is the visit to the notorious Diatlov Pass, where 9 dead tourists of the Ural Polytechnic Institute were found in the winter of 1959 under unclear circumstances. In the route also - Mount Solat-Syakhla, or "mountain of the dead" (in the language of Mansi) - a mystical place where everyone experiences a unique sensation of touching the mystery. The ultimate goal of the route is the Manpupuner Plateau - one of the 7 wonders of Russia, amazing with its rock formations that rise 30 meters above the surface of the earth. These blocks, widening upwards, have a legendary origin. The people of Mansi assure that they are enemies who went to war against the gods and petrified at their command.
    • The tour "Plateau Manpupuner" is designed for 13 days. For this time tourists overcome 212 km of a way.
    • After the hike, each participant will receive an official confirmation of participation in the route: a certificate of the route, the icon "Tourist of Russia" and will comply with the standard for assigning the 3rd category in sports tourism.
    • Compulsory adherence to the recommendations of instructors at all stages of the route - from preparation of equipment to recovery - is the key to a successful campaign.


    Bratislava - Ivdel - Auspia - Perot Djatlova - Holocachl - Ooterten (1234m) - Yanykhachekhahl (1024) - the river Pecora - the ridge of Manpupyener - the river Pecora - the traverse of the Main Ural range in reverse direction - Auspia River - Ivdel - Bratislava

    Trip plan:

    1. General fee at 15.00 (local time) at the railway station in Yekaterinburg. Every tourist has to buy a ticket for the train Ekaterinburg-st. Ivdel1. For the time before the departure of the train we distribute food and equipment, we equip backpacks and prepare for shipment. Attention! Departure will take place at 16.35 local time (at 14.35 Moscow time). Train number 337E.
    2. Arrive at the station. Ivdel1. Loading in a lorry "Ural", which will take us to the village. Ushma and further - to the river Auspiya. The duration of the trip is 6-7 hours. Here begins the hiking part of the route to the Djatlov Pass (17 km) up along the river.
    3. Ascent to the Djatlov per., Further according to the plan - climbing to the town of Kholotchahl. Traverse of the ridge in the direction of Oorten.
    4. After - the ascent to Oorten (height - 1234m), we pass to the town of Janyhkhachehahl (height - 1024). The duration of this route is 20 km.
    5. Journey to the sources of the Bolshaya Sosva river, the length of the road is 25 km
    6. We make the traverse of the Main Ural range along the Pechora River. The length of the route is 23 km.
    7. Further our way lies from the river of Pecher to the ridge of Manpupyer. We have to overcome 13 km, after which we can afford to rest during the day.
    8. Reserve day of rest in case of bad weather.
    9. We are heading to the return journey. The traverse of the ridge in the opposite direction, the length of the route is 25 km.
    10. The further goal is the origins of the river Sult, before them - 26km along the most interesting places.
    11. We are moving along the Lozva River, the length of the route is 24 km.
    12. We leave to the river Auspiya, where our route began. Departure to Ivdel is waiting for us here. We sit on train number 338E (the time of dispatch is 19.35). Attention! Moscow time - with a local difference of 2 hours.
    13. We arrive in Bratislava, the arrival time is around 6:30 am (Moscow time). We leave the contacts for memory, exchange impressions and go home. Note: the route "Tour to the Manpupuner Plateau" may be subject to correction, based on the circumstances: weather conditions, the level of training of the group, etc.

    Requirements for physical training of participants: the trek is rather complicated, includes difficult parts of the taiga, large differences in altitude, and therefore requires a good physical shape.

    Meals on the route: we prepare ourselves on bonfires, gas burners (if necessary), in turn (on duty)

    This route will allow you to touch the beauties of the severe Ural Mountains, test yourself and see a lot of unique places that are difficult for ordinary people. We are waiting for you in our team!

    What is included in an offer

    • The unlimited patience and responsibility of the instructor, who is with the group from the moment of collection
    • Group equipment, which does not have to be purchased additionally (first-aid kit with contents, burner, gas, satellite phone)
    • Cooking for cooking on the route (cooking is done by yourself using burners). Cooking will have to take turns from the available products
    • Transportation to the river. Auspia and back - the beginning of the walking route - on the transport "Ural"

    What is NOT included in an offer

    • Ticket for the train to the station. Ivdel and back
    • Meals on the train and on the road before the start of the itinerary

    What should a client bring

    Required documents: passport, medical insurance policy

    Recommendations for personal equipment of participants:

    1. Documents (passport, insurance policy).
    2. Raznoshennye (not new!) Shoes or sneakers. Consider the time of the year of the trip and select shoes, according to the temperature regime and individual preferences. It is recommended to have a change of shoes
    3. Wet boots for swampy areas;
    4. Warm jacket or hooded sweatshirt, gloves or mittens;
    5. Thermal underwear (complete set) and a warm sweater (or Polartec jacket);
    6. Headdresses: a cap (or a bondage), a woolen hat;
    7. Required: a raincoat and a cape on a backpack;
    8. Socks at the rate of 2-3 pairs per trip, T-shirts, sweat shots - 2-3 pieces;
    9. Sports trousers and assault suit;
    10. Special equipment: sleeping bag (comfort level - 0), 80-120l backpack,, telescopic trekking sticks, head lamp with spare battery pack;
    11. Crockery: thermos (up to 1l., Not necessarily), mug, spoon, plate. 1 kg of biscuits;
    12. Personal care and hygiene items: toothpaste and brush, toilet paper, hygienic lipstick,
    13. Medical preparations for colds, runny nose, as well as plasters from rubbers and abrasions. Repelents against ticks and mosquitoes.

    Attention: all spare items should be packed in waterproof bags.