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    Alloys on the rivers of the Yaroslavl region!

    Basic details

    Place: Yaroslavl, Russia,
    Duration: 3 days

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    • Alloys on the rivers of the Yaroslavl region!
    • Alloys on the rivers of the Yaroslavl region!
    • Alloys on the rivers of the Yaroslavl region!
    • Alloys on the rivers of the Yaroslavl region!
    • Alloys on the rivers of the Yaroslavl region!
    • Alloys on the rivers of the Yaroslavl region!

    What to expect

    We are happy to present this program to you, because for many people it was just a dream: a weekend trip, which allows you to join the water tourism and is available for everyone. This is an opportunity to feel the charm of a canoeing trip for all comers, for those who may not have field experience and their own equipment.

    The rafting passes along the rivers of the Yaroslavl region (Kotorosl, Obnor, Uleima, Yukhot), without requiring much time for the road. Two, three days of water trip guarantee a lot of impressions and excellent rest. The itineraries are ideal for families, including leisure with children.

    How it goes

    The weekends are thought out in such a way that everything is as pleasant and convenient for participants in the rafting. On Friday or Saturday morning in the appointed place a group meets, and on the bus goes to the place of the beginning of rafting to the river, where kayaks or catamarans ready for launching are already waiting . The instructor conducts a brief briefing on the management of kayaks and safety on the water. If the bus does not all get acquainted, then some fun exercises for this will be useful before you spread out on kayaks and sail.

    Ahead is the day of the journey, saturated with a lot of impressions and new sensations that the water tourism opens to a person. From time to time we moor to the shore - swim, stretch our legs, have a snack. In the evening we sail to the parking lot, where tents are already standing, a fire is burning and dinner is being prepared. After supper - conversations and songs by the fire or disco . Also with great success are funny games such as "crocodile", "contact", "mafia". If the group is set to work, the facilitator can conduct some training. Hang up the soft, non-coercive, but after a certain time, those who do not sleep trying not to make noise, to enable the rest of sleep, because there is still one or two e nya way.

    In the morning - cheerful gymnastics, breakfast, time to take a bath and get ready. After that, again on kayaks and go! Another day filled with new landscapes, a burst of oars, an amazing sense of swimming and boat control, easily dissecting the mirror-like surface of the water. In the evening we sail to the place where the rest program (if the trek is three days old) or the departure to Yaroslavl (if the trip is two days) continues.

    In addition to the actual rafting on a kayak or a catamaran, bathing, sunbathing, walks through the forest await you. For those who want - training and elements of extreme training: to live a day without the help of sight or to be silent, feel the "fall into the abyss", swim across rivers and jump over the fire, touch the strength of all the elements, do something that you have never done.

    And of course this weekend is filled with very bright and warm feelings. Joy from nature, from supper "with a smoke", from dialogue with interesting people nearby, from songs to a guitar at a fire, bathing in pure reservoirs, pine air and other delights of a hike.

    These two, three days - a great opportunity to be yourself. To feel yourself, to listen to the summer wind in the tops of the pink from the evening sun of the pines, to see the darkening sky and the stars on it, one after another, and the milky way that floats across the sky ... To breathe deeply, feel every cell of your being ...

    What should a client bring

    You do not need to worry about the equipment - everything is ready, you just have to go to the agreed place. In our campaigns you are waiting for new acquaintances and a pleasant company, an active holiday and many new sensations from the water trek ..