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    Water trip (rafting) in Yaroslavl!

    Basic details

    Place: Yaroslavl, Russia,
    Duration: 1 day

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    • Water trip (rafting) in Yaroslavl!
    • Water trip (rafting) in Yaroslavl!
    • Water trip (rafting) in Yaroslavl!
    • Water trip (rafting) in Yaroslavl!
    • Water trip (rafting) in Yaroslavl!
    • Water trip (rafting) in Yaroslavl!
    • Water trip (rafting) in Yaroslavl!

    What to expect

    Give yourself a holiday in the fresh air !!

    Alloy is OPPORTUNITY:

    • relax in the fresh air;

    • strengthen family relations,

    if you are rafting your family;

    • make new acquaintances;

    • plunge into a friendly atmosphere;

    • rest the head and body. Outside the city life flows calmly and measuredly. Forest, water, twitter birds, pines come from the pines, a delicate, pleasant aroma, in the evening a fire is crackling in the stillness, tea is smoking in the kettle, and only merry laughter and talk are talking about the presence of a person. Fishing, swimming, walking through the forest is a great outdoor activity. And it is available to all! Everyone will find ours !!!

    - recommendations and / or requirements of the instructor are mandatory for all participants of the group.

    - the instructor has the right to make a decision about changing the route depending on the weather conditions and the preparedness of the group.

    - drunk participants are not allowed to water.

    - on the water the participants are always in the life jackets, and when crossing over open water in the bright sun - in the headgear.

    - Children are allowed on the route from 12 years, accompanied by parents or adult relatives. Children under 12 years - individually, after the parents interview with the instructor.

    What is included in an offer

    • delivery to the point of rafting and back (transfer)

    • 3 meals a day on the route

    • general equipment (tents, campfires)

    • kayak hire

    • group first aid kit

    • work of instructors

      And much more on our journey!

    What is NOT included in an offer

    • Personal equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, foam mat, sidushka)

    • journey to the center

    • pocket expenses