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    Kayak tour for gourmets "It is interesting to go, we eat interestingly!"

    Basic details

    Place: Uglich, Russia, ул. Старостина, д. 1а
    Duration: 2 days

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    • Adults (13+)
    • Babies (4-6 years)
    • Kids (7-12 years)
    • OK
    • Kayak tour for gourmets "It is interesting to go, we eat interestingly!"
    • Kayak tour for gourmets "It is interesting to go, we eat interestingly!"
    • Kayak tour for gourmets "It is interesting to go, we eat interestingly!"

    What to expect

    This is not just an alloy in the romantic forest streams. This tour is a dip into the rich gastronomic history of Uglich. For 2 days your spent muscle energy will be filled with energy from tasting gastronomic brands of our city. All the most delicious and natural! Organic products of the company "AgriVolga"! Delicacies of the Uglich quail factory! And, of course, together we will prepare our firm fondue from the famous cheeses of the Ulich cheese factory!

    This is a tour for true gourmets!

    Tour program:

    1 day:

    - Arrival in Uglich (by private transport or transfer - additional fee)

    - Excursion program for Uglich (for additional fee - at will)

    - 11-00 - meeting of the group with the manager of the hotel "Putnik" (Starostina street, 1a), execution of documents

    - Departure to the place where the alloy begins

    - Arrival at the beginning of the rafting. Acquaintance with the instructor and inventory.

    - Gastronomic program: delicious snack with the use of gastronomic brands Uglich

    - Safety briefing

    - Rafting along the rivers Uleima and Juhotz with stops for rest

    - Arrival at the camp, accommodation in tents

    - Gastronomic program: dinner with the use of organic products of the company "AgriVolga" and delicacies of the Uglich quail factory. The menu was not disclosed! We guarantee - it will be delicious!

    - Gastronomic program: a corporate master class for preparing fondue in a coal way.

    We will combine the taste of branded Ugličskie cheeses and other local products with "Swiss delicacies" - we will cook and taste a fragrant warming dish - "fondue". In passing, we learn why Uglich is called the "Scientific Capital of Oil and Cheese."

    Also in the program - an interesting story and tasting of cheeses from the local cheese factory.

    - Rest by the fire.

    Day 2:

    - Gastronomic program: breakfast prepared with the use of delicious Uglich brands.

    - Camp collection

    - Continuation of rafting along the Yukhot river

    - Arrival to the place of graduation of the alloy

    - Gastronomic program: a festive dinner - all the delicious, all natural!

    - Congratulation ceremony with the end of the route.

    - Departure to Uglich.

    The cost of the tour is 5 980 rubles per person.

    * The tour will take place with a group of 10 people!

    What is included in an offer

    Included in the price:

    - Rent of inventory (kayaks, tents, rugs, life jackets, sleeping bags, hermetic bags)

    - meals according to the program - everything is prepared using the gastronomic brands of Uglich

    - a corporate master class "Fondue in Uglich"

    - work as an instructor and cook

    - accident insurance

    - transport service according to the program.

    What is NOT included in an offer

    At extra charge:

    - Excursion service in Uglich, Myshkin.

    What should a client bring


    • drinking water (mineral, etc.)
    • complete set of changeable linen;
    • woolen sweater with a blind collar or similar clothing;
    • Panama or cap from the sun, sunscreen
    • a mug, a spoon, a bowl, a knife;
    • sports suit, shorts, trousers;
    • Backpack (bag) with a large waterproof or polyethylene bag;
    • a jacket or a hood with a hood;
    • flashlight, toiletries: towel, paper, toothpaste, brush, soap;
    • bathing suit;
    • T-shirt, T-shirt, shirt;
    • gloves cotton;
    • personal first aid kit, repellent from bloodsucking;
    • rubber shoes, in the case of high probability of rain under the forecast.

    All the dirty things, including a spare set of clothes, must be packed in polyethylene.