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    Lena Pillars in one day

    Basic details

    Place: Yakutsk, Russia, Ленина 42
    Duration: 1 day

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    • Lena Pillars in one day

    What to expect

    The majestic and powerful river in Yakutia is Lena. This severe northern beauty attracts attention with its amazing beauty, formidable mores and huge fish riches. Everyone who dares to enter its territory must prove to it its strength and courage. For those who decide on this unequal battle, Lena will open in all her pristine beauty and will give her generosity.

    The river Lena is a real Russian beauty. It is the largest river in Russia, its length is about 4,5 thousand kilometers. In addition, it ranks 10th in the world in terms of length and 8th in full-length. Going on a trip to Lena, you can see one of the main masterpieces of the Yakut nature — the Lena Pillars. About 40 kilometers of stone sculptures stretched along the banks of the Lena, creating a unique architectural ensemble. If you look closely, among the huge ridge of rocks you can see fairy-tale creatures, wild animals and even rock spirits. Not for nothing since ancient times, stone giants were sacredly revered by locals who did not dare step on their territory, for fear of anger the otherworldly forces. Even today, these places are shrouded in many legends and secrets that have yet to be solved by brave travelers.

    The Lena Pillars are just a treasure trove. These 200 meter stone idols, amazing with their greatness, are formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals that existed in the territory of Yakutia at the beginning of the Cambrian period. They preserve the memory of the history of many centuries, once again proving the ancient origin of life on our planet. Only in the XVII century travelers managed to get to this amazing place. Since then, the Yakut pillars are a welcome object for many adventurers.

    Anyone who wants to unravel the secrets of these unique rocks will be able to make a delightful journey through the waves of the harsh northern beauty of Lena. She, like a formidable guard, faithfully preserves the secrets of Yakut nature, allowing only the elect to touch her unique creations.

    To be ready for the whims of the severe Yakut nature, it is better to get acquainted with the tour program in advance.

    Terms of travel: June — September 2016.

    The composition of the group: 8 — 16 people.

    The length of the route: 400 km.

    Duration of the tour: 1 day.

    Route: Yakutsk (202 microdistrict) — Lena Pillars — Yakutsk (202 microdistrict)

    8:00 Start of the trip. Departure from Yakutsk to the Lena Pillars on a speedboat on the waves of the majestic Lena.

    12:00 Arrival to the Lena Pillars, rest and lunch near the Lena Pillars.

    13:00 Climbing the Lena Pillars. Everyone who decides to climb to the top of the Lena Pillars is waited by a fascinating journey full of vivid emotions and the spirit of adventure. Descent.

    15:00 Walking along the coast of Lena.

    16:00 Departure to Yakutsk.

    20:00 Return to Yakutsk.

    What is included in an offer

    • Transfer by speedboat;
    • Entrance tickets to the National Natural Park "Lena Pillars".