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    Rafting on the Buotama River

    Basic details

    Place: Yakutsk, Russia,
    Duration: 3 days

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    • Rafting on the Buotama River
    • Rafting on the Buotama River
    • Rafting on the Buotama River
    • Rafting on the Buotama River
    • Rafting on the Buotama River
    • Rafting on the Buotama River
    • Rafting on the Buotama River

    What to expect

    Yakutia can truly be proud of its water wealth. Each river is surrounded by its legends and has its own unique character. So, Lena has a severe and capricious disposition behind which a generous and hospitable beauty hides. But the beautiful Buotama, on the contrary, is restrained and flexible. It is the right tributary of Lena and adequately carries in its waters its strength and power.

    Buotama strikes with its incredible grandeur, because it contains the power of 60 mountain rivers. She has a calm and flexible nature, ideal for family recreation, leisurely rafting and gambling. Like a narrow satin ribbon, it encircles the northern territories, enveloping them in an atmosphere of fresh water and harmony.

    From Yakutsk the name of the river is translated as a meadow pendulum. This grass fills the coast with an amazing atmosphere of harmony and purity, along the coast you can find a lot of sardines (Daurian lily). Going on a trip along the river, you can enjoy its delightful beauty. Majestic pine forests fill the air on the coast with the noble smell of pine resin and spruce cones, bird cherry complements with light sweetness, and thickets of forest grasses complete the composition with a dizzying scent of natural bliss.

    The river is shrouded in many ancient legends and preserves the history of local peoples. In ancient times, its banks were home to primitive nomads, who survived only by hunting for mammoths. Everyone who goes to rafting on the river, will be able to visit the unique bison nursery, created on its coast in 2006, to restore the population of these ancient animals in the Yakut taiga.

    Rafting along the river Buotama is an amazing opportunity to admire the delightful beauty of Yakutia, to reveal the secrets of its majestic nature and simply enjoy the amazing atmosphere of natural harmony and incredible water charm.

    The program of the tour tells about what this beautiful river is preparing for tourists.

    Period: June - August.

    Itinerary: Yakutsk - Upper Bestyah - Ferry crossing to Kachikattsy settlement - Transfer on Neverska highway to Cafe (30 km) - Walk to the river (about 8 km).

    Group: from 6 people

    Transport: Minibus, UAZ for cargo, catamarans, kayaks.

    Duration: 3 days / 2 nights.

    First day

    Preparation for the journey. After lunch, picking in a pre-agreed place.

    14:00 Trip to the Cafe by minibus, acquaintance with the natural beauties of the northern lands. Walking to the place of rafting, the cargo is transported on a prepared car UAZ.

    Obtaining instructions for safety. Preparation of floating means - catamaran and kayaks.

    3-km rafting along the river.

    Evening dinner, breakdown of the tent camp (for two people a 3-person tent is provided).

    Fishing. Overnight stay.

    Second day

    Rise with the first rays of the sun. Morning breakfast.

    20-km alloy with fishing and a stop for lunch. In good weather - swimming.

    Breakdown of the campground. Evening supper, rest.

    The third day

    Rise early in the morning. Breakfast.

    7-kilometer alloy to the mouth of the river. Dinner.

    Collecting things. Departure by motor boat to the village of Bulgunyahtah.

    What is included in an offer

    • all transfers along the route according to the program
    • entrance to the territory of the national nature park "Lena Pillars"
    • Equipment and equipment (kayaks, catamarans, life jackets)
    • camping equipment (tents, tourist mats)
    • accompanying instructor-conductor
    • insurance

    What should a client bring

    • food
    • individual equipment: incl. fishing tackle, sleeping bags, personal remedies for mosquitoes