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    Jump with a parachute in Yakutsk

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    Place: Yakutsk, Russia, улица Бестужева-Марлинского, 5

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    • Jump with a parachute in Yakutsk
    • Jump with a parachute in Yakutsk
    • Jump with a parachute in Yakutsk
    • Jump with a parachute in Yakutsk
    • Jump with a parachute in Yakutsk
    • Jump with a parachute in Yakutsk
    • Jump with a parachute in Yakutsk
    • Jump with a parachute in Yakutsk

    What to expect

    Medical restrictions: First, you will need to collect the following documents: references from the narcological and psycho-neurological dispensaries that you are not registered with them. 1. Weight from 45 kg to 92 kg. 2. You also sign a statement that you do not suffer:

    • cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases;
    • traumas of the brain and musculoskeletal system;
    • increased or decreased arterial pressure;
    • fainting, convulsions;
    • damage to the hearing;
    • nervous disorders;
    • diabetes;
    • renal diseases;
    • psychiatric diseases.

    What is the responsibility of the flying club? For the qualitatively conducted training, a regularly flying airplane and a safely deployed parachute. What is not responsible for the flying club? For non-sprinkling weather and other circumstances of force majeure, for injuries, for the consequences of illiterate parachutist behavior. What is a parachute wing? The parachute wing, unlike the landing parachute - rectangular or ellipsoid in shape, is much smaller in area than it. It has a horizontal speed and lift, has a high maneuverability and requires a parachutist, controlling him, certain skills. He is more demanding with disclosure and landing. I want to jump like those cool guys, in colored overalls and with fast parachutes! Everything has its time. In order to learn how to jump like them, you need to undergo training in the free fall and control of a wing type parachute. At what age can you skydive? Independent jumps with round equipment can be performed by a person who has reached the age of 14, but with the permission of the parents in writing. What is the difference between a jump with an airborne (circular) parachute from a jump in tandem with an instructor? The jump in tandem with the instructor is usually carried out from a height of 4000 m., A wing-type parachute is used, the time of free fall before the opening of the main parachute is about one minute, the instructor is responsible for the accurate and gentle landing. Medical limited for a tandem-passenger is much less, which allows people to jump with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, poor eyesight, hearing, etc. A jump with an airborne parachute is carried out from 800-900 m, with a round parachute, opening either forced or independent after falling under a stabilizing parachute - 3-5 seconds, the responsibility for landing lies on the parachutist. Unfortunately in our club there is still no tandem equipment and instructor. In what weather can you jump? Skydiving is carried out with weather without precipitation, lack of strong wind and low clouds. The decision to hold jumps takes the leadership of the airfield. Can I drink alcohol before parachuting? It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol on the day of the jump, and also abuse it the day before. It is also forbidden to jump after using drugs and taking drugs that slow the reaction rate. Is it true that in the morning before the first jump you can not eat anything? Not true. Eat as usual. What will happen if the main parachute does not open? The probability of this is negligible, since jumps are carried out with an ultra-reliable landing equipment. Nevertheless, for such a case, there is always a spare parachute. Can the lines be broken or the dome torn? Very, very unlikely. As for the gusts of the fabric, the dome itself is not a single piece of material, but is sewn from a set of squared sections, each of which is surrounded by a tape of force. Therefore, even if there is a rush in one section, it will not be able to spread further this section and the parachutist will land absolutely safely (there is a spare parachute for these cases). What is the speed of descent under the dome of an open parachute? up to 5 meters per second Is there any risk of injury when landing? There are, if you do not pay attention to the landing. Special attention is paid to the preparation of the landing.

    And the parachute is not too heavy for a fragile girl? If only for very fragile. :-). The total weight of the base and reserve parachutes is about 20 kg. But do not be afraid of this figure. The overwhelming majority of girls successfully transfer the process of dressing to parachute equipment on the ground, and in after opening, its weight is no longer felt. I saw how they land under two parachutes. Is it normal, safe? It's safe, but abnormal :-). Therefore, after the opening of the main parachute, the spare parachute must not be forgotten to be disconnected (cleared). How to do it - teach on the training, it's easy. Is it possible to land on a tree, power line, water, buildings? This happens rarely, and yet it happens. Therefore, you will work out the actions in such cases on the preliminary preparation ... And if I'm afraid of heights, what can I do? Fear of heights is natural for any person. Nevertheless, he will overcome, and millions of perfect jumps with a parachute - that is confirmation. If there is a strong desire, then fear will recede. My eyesight is not very good. How to be? It all depends on how "not very good". Many paratroopers who wear glasses, but eyesight is not too bad, jump without glasses. Whoever has a worse vision, those jump with contact lenses or in ordinary glasses, which can be tied with an elastic band or put on them special plastic parachute glasses, which can be asked in the flying club. If visions are tormented by doubts, then it is better to ask this question to the instructor before jumping. I had a leg / spinal / pelvis injury In this case, you need to consult your doctor for permission to jump. Each case is individual. For example, after a fracture of the leg, it is not recommended to jump for at least a year (depending on the complexity of the fracture). I have heart / pressure problems You need to get permission to jump at the doctor. In addition, the aerodrome doctor checks the pressure before a jump and has the right to remove it if it is not normal. What other health problems can prevent you from jumping? Skydiving does not require a particularly advanced physical form of parachutist, and yet - this is a list of contraindications that does not claim absolute completeness:

    • Persons with not very sharp eyesight need contact lenses or glasses with plastic glasses, which can be fixed with a rubber band at the back. Persons with severe myopia should refrain from jumping with a parachute.
    • It is strictly forbidden to jump with a parachute to persons suffering from epilepsy.
    • It is forbidden to jump with a parachute to persons suffering from mental illnesses.
    • Deafness or hearing loss of a high degree, acute and chronic diseases of the middle ear.
    • Diabetes mellitus is a contraindication to skydiving.
    • If you ever had an injury to your legs, pelvic bones, spine, or there are other diseases of the musculoskeletal system - consult a doctor.
    • In cardiovascular disease, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.
    • People with high blood pressure are not allowed to jump with a parachute.
    • It is not recommended to jump for a cold and runny nose. In this case, jumping can lead to damage to the nasal sinuses and eardrums.

    What are the age limits for the first jump? Jump with a parachute landing at will from the age of 18; from the age of 14 - with the written consent of the parents. The upper age limit is limited only by the actual state of health. It is not uncommon for a parachute-pioneer in 60 years. What are the restrictions on the weight of the parachutist for the first jump? Limitations on weight are due to the characteristics of the landing parachutes. So, the minimum weight should not be less than 45 kg, the maximum - not more than 95 kg. From what height do they jump for the first time? The first jump is carried out from a height of 800-900 meters. Is it normal to breathe at this altitude? Quite normal. Can I put my pants on the first jump? Unlikely. But it's better not to try. For this purpose there are specially designated places on earth. :-) Is it possible to lose consciousness when jumping? Very unlikely. What clothes should I take with me to jump? Clothes should cover completely the hands and feet, be comfortable, do not constrain movements. It is recommended that you dress clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. What should be the shoes for the jump? The choice of shoes is very important. The best choice - high boots (such as berts), which protect the ankle, or sneakers on the hard soles. For the first jump sneakers or open shoes - do not suit. Who is laying parachutes? Parachutes are laid by specially trained instructors, sportsmen or stackers of the flying club. The laying process is controlled in stages to ensure its maximum reliability. Is it cold at the top? At an altitude of 800-900 meters, the air is colder by 4-5 degrees than the air near the ground. The temperature decreases by about 7 degrees per 1000 meters. What load do you have when landing? To feel this, you need to jump from a height about your height to the ground, keeping your feet tight together. In windy weather, the load is, of course, higher.

    Is it possible to take a camera or a video camera to an airfield?

    Of course. The first jump is a bright event, it will not hurt to capture. Are they allowed to jump with photo and video equipment?

    Some carry their cameras or mobile phones on the plane secretly under clothing and take pictures after opening the parachute. However, the camera can be dropped from the hands and lost forever (which often happens). In addition, photographing can distract attention from the most important - a proper landing, and also you can forget to open a spare parachute and then you will have to land on two domes. for this there are air operators - specially trained paratroopers who are engaged in shooting in the air, this requires experience and preparation. Do I need to bring any medical certificates to the airfield?

    No. Will I get paid back if I refuse to jump?

    Return, if you refuse to jump before boarding the plane If I get scared in an airplane, will they push me out?

    Force instructor will not be pushed out - he can only slightly push, if the paratrooper is already standing in the doorway and hesitated. Until then, you can inform the instructor about your refusal to jump and land on the plane. True, such cases are rare. Can I jump with a parachute wing for the first time?

    Only if in tandem with the instructor of which we do not yet. How many times a day can you jump?

    For the first jump once a day more than enough. On the second exit you can make two jumps. I already jumped in your flying club, do I have to go through the training again?

    If the instruction of the first jump was passed in the current season and the knowledge gained is preserved, it is not necessary. How long does the free fall last?

    When jumping with an airborne parachute, there is no free fall as such. When the first jump on a parachute D-1-5u, the opening is forced, and parachutes D-5 and D-6 have a stabilizing parachute, which opens immediately after leaving the plane. It allows you to descend at a speed of 30-35 m / s, which creates the illusion of free fall, it also activates the main parachute when pulling out the ring or triggering the insuring device. What is "stabilization of free fall"?

    The stabilization of the fall is to ensure that the paratrooper does not fall randomly, but exactly - then the main parachute, opening, will never catch on. After exiting the plane, the pulling cable immediately opens the stabilizing parachute. The area of ​​the stabilizing parachute is only 1.5 square meters, this is enough to prevent the paratrooper from falling into a disorderly fall. 3-5 seconds the parachutist falls under the stabilizing parachute, then the main parachute opens. What happens if I do not pull the parachute ring?

    If you do not pull the parachute ring 3 seconds after separation from the aircraft, then the parachute safety device installed at the same time will work and the parachute will open itself. But this does not mean that the parachute ring can not be pulled at all. How much will I fall under the dome of the parachute?

    2-3 minutes, if the upward flow does not pick up. Is it possible to talk in the sky?

    You can even scream with pleasure - the sky is so quiet that sometimes you want to break it. Can there be pain when opening the parachute?

    When the parachute is opened, a dynamic impact occurs - a quick stop of the fall. Many novice paratroopers in the euphoria of the first jump with a parachute do not even feel a dynamic impact. The parachute landing parachutes are very soft.

    Our address: Yakutsk city. B.-Marlinsky 5. Building DOSAAF (ROSTO) right wing 2nd floor, entrance from the courtyard through the blue gate, from the side of the "Covered Market". By bus №6, 8 to the "Covered Market" stop