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    Tours in the complexes "Buluus" and "Kuruluur"

    Basic details

    Place: Yakutsk, Russia,
    Duration: 1 day

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    • Adults (12+)
    • Kids (7-12 years)
    • OK
    • Tours in the complexes "Buluus" and "Kuruluur"
    • Tours in the complexes "Buluus" and "Kuruluur"

    What to expect

    If you go on a trip upstream of the Lena River, you can see the real "eighth wonder of the world". This is the landscape-hydrological reserve of republican significance Buluus. At first sight this miracle of nature seems simply incredible. More than 1000 hectares of permafrost, which is not subject to even the scorching rays of the summer sun.

    From the Yakut "Buluus" is translated as a glacier. This huge snow ice is formed by underground sources of fresh water. The glacier simply amazes with its size, in some places the height of the ice reaches 3 meters. In summer, the sun's rays transform it into a mysterious labyrinth, where narrow gorges are replaced by impenetrable tunnels, and in some places the lush emerald green is visible.

    The glacier looks like a huge snow cap, it seems that if you touch it with your hand, you can feel the pleasant freshness of snowflakes. But this feeling is deceptive, it is formed from pressed ice that burns the skin with its sharp edges. Walking along the glacier is a real journey into the world of fairy tales. It seems that in this block of ice the earth and the sky represent a single whole. Looking inside, you can see in its thickness a bluish-turquoise ice, enveloped in a snow-white edge of snow, like a small piece of sky that descended to the ground to hide in these places.

    In this magical corner of natural contrasts you can feel the real strength and power of the harsh northern nature, which, despite its formidable temper, beckons with its beauty adventurers from all over the world.

    Buluus is an amazing miracle of the Yakut nature, where eternal ice and flames have converged, where the severe permafrost is not subject to the laws of nature, and the severe north fascinates with its unique uniqueness.

    If you decide to visit this wonderful corner of Yakutia, you should be prepared for any adventure, because it is simply impossible to foresee the harsh nature of the local nature.

    Going by minibus, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Yakutia, and a trip on the ferry across the city of Pokrovsk, will allow you to get acquainted with the harsh temper of the powerful northern beauty of Lena. Along the way you can enjoy the beauty and musical overflow of the delightful Kurullur waterfalls. "Kuruluur" - a small, charming cascade of waterfalls located on the river "Manda" in 18 km. from "Turuuk-Khaya". The Mande River flows into the river Lena from the stony mountains of Aldan. Beach, pine forest, scenic nature.

    Period: June - August.

    Group: 6 - 10 people.

    Duration: 1 day.

    Transport: Minibus.

    What is included in an offer

    • cost of ferry crossing;
    • entrance ticket to TC "Buluus";
    • entrance ticket to TC "Kuruluur";
    • minibus services.