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    Rope / Jumping with a rope / Extreme in Voronezh!

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    Place: Voronezh, Russia,

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    • Rope / Jumping with a rope / Extreme in Voronezh!
    • Rope / Jumping with a rope / Extreme in Voronezh!
    • Rope / Jumping with a rope / Extreme in Voronezh!
    • Rope / Jumping with a rope / Extreme in Voronezh!
    • Rope / Jumping with a rope / Extreme in Voronezh!

    What to expect

    You still have not answered - is it safe? And I thought, it will not come to this ... In a nutshell: We use carbines for a break from 3.5 to 5.5 tons, ropes from 2.2 to 4 tons. The maximum load on the nodes of the system does not exceed 160 kg. Read more: The jump is performed using a special climbing equipment of European manufacturers (Petzl Tendon). The jumping system has two independent circuits, overlapping each other. The first 3 test jumps are carried out by team instructors who have passed special high-altitude training and are officially admitted to high-altitude work. The photographer finished the course. The coordinator has a pleasant voice, will help with the equipment, will give instructions and answer all questions. Equipped with mineral water, green and bandage. How do I sign up for jumping? Just put under the announcement of jumping as many pluses as there will be people. Think before you put a plus, do you really get to come? With your jump record, you agree to the Safety Rules when jumping! How to get to the elevator? The easiest way to get there by car is by reading the topic: "How do I get to the elevator?". At the same time, you can do a good deed and take with you any non-automobile extreme. To exchange information on the number of seats in the car and applications, you can read the topic "Fellows". Also, we can take one or two people from Voronezh or Novovoronezh. Is it possible to jump for free? Yes, you can win a jump with the help of the repost of the announcement of jumps. The drawing is conducted using a specially trained application. Alcohol before / during the event is prohibited. When suspicion of alcoholic intoxication - suspension from jumping. Also, with signs of drug intoxication or inappropriate behavior, removal is inevitable. This is a fundamental step. We have nothing against cultural (or not very cultural) rest, but, for your safety, we must take this step.