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    Fishing around the clock in the Voronezh region!

    Basic details

    Place: village Semidesyatnoe, Russia, Воронежская обл., Хохольский р-он, с.Семидесятное, ул.Московская, д.15

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    • Fishing around the clock in the Voronezh region!
    • Fishing around the clock in the Voronezh region!
    • Fishing around the clock in the Voronezh region!
    • Fishing around the clock in the Voronezh region!

    What to expect

    Paid fishing pond Seventy is located 70 kilometers from Voronezh, in a picturesque, ecologically clean place near the village of Seventy-one of the Khokhol district of the Voronezh region. The pond of the Seventy is about 15 hectares. The pond feeds over seventy springs with crystal clear water. Nearby is the floodplain of the Red Maiden River with abundant thickets of alder and willow. There are often cases when you can see on the pond mink, otter and beaver. Admire on a flight to the swans. You will be able to fish here and observe the nature of wild ducks and coots.

    The pond of the Seventy has a sufficient water area for the natural feeding of fish, so on our paid fishing food supplements are never used. According to the fishermen, the fish caught in our pond are very fat and tasty, which is not common today.

    We also have a second pond nearby. Pond Homestay area of ​​about 10 hectares. It is located next to the Cretaceous mountains, which creates an unusual combination of the landscape of the Middle Russian Upland.

    On the ponds in the Seventy, carp, carp, pike, crucian carp, catfish, white cupid, perch, roach, bream are excellent.

    Fishing on the pond Seventy is open 24 hours a day in winter and in summer. Asphalted access to the pond. At your service: fisherman's houses for two, large (for 10-15 people) and small (for 5-6 people) gazebos, bridges, boats, barbecues, rent of inventory. You can book a bridge or a fishing house on a certain date in advance. Rest on the nature in Voronezh.

    Fishermen on the Seventy pond attracts an abundance of fish of different species. Species composition of the fish on our paid fishing: carp, carp, pike, perch, pike perch, catfish, white carp, carp, bream, crucian, tench, roach, reddish, Siberian sturgeon. Fish differs not only in species, but in size. In the pond there is a carp weighing from 0.5 to 12 kg, a white cupid from 1 to 10.5 kg, a carp to 8 kg., A pike to 8 kg.

    The pond of the Seventy is constantly stocked, thanks to the high density of planting, good biting is guaranteed. Only healthy, quality fish is used for stocking. In addition to the fish being launched, trophy specimens are found in the pond, which is of great interest for sport fishing.

    Advantages of paid fishing on the pond Seventy:

    • good location, convenient asphalt access and excellent condition of the pond;
    • high density of planting fish, good biting, abundance of fish of different species;
    • lodges for overnight and rest;
    • moderate prices for fishing and services;
    • various services: equipment rental, boat rental, etc.