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    Ride a bike in Voronezh

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    Place: Voronezh, Russia, улица Новикова, 90

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    • Ride a bike in Voronezh
    • Ride a bike in Voronezh
    • Ride a bike in Voronezh

    What to expect

    In the last few years, the subculture of cycling has grown in the city. The most massive event of the year was the latest Velonoch, which was attended by more than 5 thousand people. The real achievement was the emergence of a large number of bike parks and the development of the rolling network.

    Among the Voronezh bike rentals we are the only one that is located on the left bank. Bicycle rental is located at the hostel at Novikova str. 90. You can take bicycles to the hotel in an hourly or daily rent.

    The cost for all bicycles is the same. For long-term rent from 14 days discounts are provided. Bicycles are issued only on the security of a passport or driver's license .