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    Rope-jumping in Volgograd

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    Place: Volgograd, Russia,

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    • Rope-jumping in Volgograd
    • Rope-jumping in Volgograd

    What to expect

    What is Rope-jumping? In short, this is:

    • Feeling of free fall, like when jumping from a parachute
    • The explosion of emotions, the surge of adrenaline and euphoria after the jump
    • It's good for the body!
    • A vivid impression on the background of everyday routine
    • Victory over your fear
    • Definitely safer than jumping with a parachute
    • A wonderful Gift in the form of a Certificate!

    "The worst thing is to take a step forward and jump, but then you want to jump again and again. It's an unforgettable experience, "newcomers say. Many people confuse the concepts of roupjumping and bungee. Bungee is nothing more than a widely advertised jumping on an elastic band. But in our country it is almost impossible to find such an elastic band in free sale, besides the organization of jumping on bungee is much more dangerous than Rope-jumping.

    When a person first hears about falling with a rope - he has a natural question: how is this possible at all, because there will be a strong leap from the rope? And here not! You will feel like on a large swing, when the rope will pick you up in a free fall. Ideal places for conducting such jumps are deep rock gorges. However, you can manage and two high-rise buildings, facing each other. At the same time, a dynamic base stretches between them, which represents the same climbing rope fixed on the buildings in a special way. By the middle of this rope, another one is tied. It jumps on it. The dynamic base, its extension, just damages the moment of pick-up at the bottom point. In this case, you can fall vertically down. Such a jump allows you to enjoy a free fall longer and check your nerves.

    Rope-jumping is like the first skydiving. The same seconds of free fall and the same feeling of fear before the first step beyond the face. But unlike a parachute landing on the planet here you simply do not have the chance to break or somehow damage your leg, or even both at once, which is not so rare when you jump with a parachute. In roupjumping after the jump, you will be gently dropped to the ground, and everything that you take with you is incredibly bright impressions, similar to which you can not meet anywhere else.

    We are a team of professionals. The Vector-Ropejumping team is a recognized team among the Russian roupjamper community.

    Therefore, the answer is unequivocal - yes, it will stand! How can this be calculated?

    Let's consider a concrete example: a person weighing 100 kg jumps a pendulum on a rope 3 meters in length. In this case, the maximum load on the rope at the bottom point of the trajectory will be ~ 300 kg. And, although it seems paradoxical, exactly the same load will be if the rope length is increased to 50 meters (or more). A new static rope withstands a load of 2000-2500 kg. The new dynamic rope holds 1000-1500 kg. For those who do not know what a dynamic rope is, let's give a little help. A dynamic rope is a rope that, under the influence of loads, can be extended by 10-15 percent, amortizing and smoothing the moment of transition to the pendulum movement. From all of the above, it can be seen that the margin of safety is sufficient to withstand the arising loads.

    To ensure maximum security, we use two, or - three ropes for jumping. The ideal option is the case where each of them is fixed independently. To further secure the jumps, one of them is left more free. With this method of fastening (in the case of using three ropes) under constant load there will be two, and one will always remain for safety.

    Before jumping, we carefully examine and prepare the entire object, thereby increasing the safety of jumping. We think over places for which the base will be fixed. They must be strong and reliable. We inspect the entire fastening system before each jump. And if we do not like something, then we will better cancel the jumps than take risks.

    We provide your safety RELATED with JUMPS, with the strength of the suspended systems and the trajectories of flights. But you yourself must evaluate your health condition suitable for a jump. Everyone knows himself like no other. Read the list of medical contraindications, and it is in print at any event. Thank you for understanding!

    Used equipment: ropes Tendon (Czech Republic) safety systems Petzl Navaho Bod Fast (Petzl France), Corax + Voltige (Petzl France) automatic triggers Grigri (Petzl France) carbines basically steel + 4 light-alloy OK (Petzl France)

    Guarantees of safety of the hopping system: absence of strong jerks due to the damping system of climbing ropes and equipment full duplication of all elements (plus duplication to independent insurance points) we necessarily make the first jumps of ourselves, testing our own work in action, only then do the others jump. We check the equipment after each day of use and change the ropes long before the critical wear.

    Medical contraindications for Ropejumping !!!

    • Musculoskeletal system: severe spinal trauma in the past, spinal surgery, herniated discs, scoliosis of the 3rd degree, congenital malformations of the spine.
    • Cardiovascular system: congenital and acquired heart disease, pacemaker, rhythm disturbances, arterial hypertension, stage 2-3 hypertension, heart failure.
    • Respiratory system: bronchial asthma of mixed origin
    • Early postoperative period: the first 1.5-2 months after surgery
    • Increased intracranial pressure, epilepsy
    • Psychiatric diseases in the acute stage: schizophrenia, MDS, etc.
    • The omission of the kidneys is 2-3 degrees.
    • Severe nervous disorders.
    • Myopia of a strong degree (more than 6 dioptres), laser correction of vision with a myopia of a strong degree in the anamnesis. .
    • Thyrotoxicosis.
    • Pregnancy.