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    Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge

    Basic details

    Place: Russia,
    Duration: 7 days

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    • Adults (15-65 years)
    • Kids (4-14 years)
    • OK
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge
    • Excursion to North Ossetia. Digora gorge

    What to expect

    To pass on the tourist routes of the region, all tourists need a pass to the border zone. For citizens of Russia, a pass is issued within 15 business days (22 calendar days). For citizens of foreign countries (Ukraine, Belarus) registration passes passes within 30 working days (43 calendar days).

    Thread of the route: Vladikavkaz, the monument to Wastirdzhi, Digorskoe gorge, Bairadi waterfall • Kubus mountain • Guldaridon waterfall • Tanacete glacier • Horizon • Donifars aul, Lezgor, Kumbulta • Taymazinskie waterfalls - Vladikavkaz.

    Travel dates for 2019 (7 days): May 12-18 June 16-22 July 14-20 August 18-24 September 15-21 October 06-12

    Day 1

    12:30 - group gathering at the railway station of Vladikavkaz (near the main entrance from the city). 13:30 - group gathering at the airport of Beslan (near the main entrance). Driving directions to Vladikavkaz. Transfer to Digorsky gorge (about 3 hours).

    The city of Vladikavkaz - a monument to Wastirdzhi - Digorsky gorge. Leaving the bustling city, go to the picturesque gorges of North Ossetia. In the Alagir gorge we will stop near the monument to St. George. Here they call him Wastirdji - this is the main character of the local epic, the patron saint of men, warriors and travelers. At a height of 22 meters, a spectacular rider on a steel horse as if pierces through a rock and flies out onto the road. Sculpture weight - 28 tons !!! This is the highest equestrian monument in the world! We go further, ahead we have the main gate of the mountain Digoria - Ahsint canyon. Achency Head Bridge was laid across the canyon, in our opinion, the Devil's Bridge. Under the bridge, at a depth of 80 meters, the Urukh River runs among the rocks. From here to Digorsky gorge is already within reach! After settling in the hotel, go for a walk.

    Bayradi Falls We set off to explore the area and start with an easy walk to the waterfall. A slight rise - and we are already at the goal! The height of the waterfall is about 30 meters. There is a place where you can make very spectacular shots of falling water! But at the same time get a cool shower of the smallest drops, which are carried by gusts of wind. The active part of the route: 3.6 km, elevation difference 1740-1900 m, the duration of the route 2-2.5 hours.

    Day 2

    Mount Kubus Each area has its own special, cult mountain. In Digoria such a mountain is Kubus. Tourists, who came here for the first time, climb Kubus with interest. And those who have repeatedly rested in Digoria, every time they consider it their duty to climb this peak. Do you know why? We will tell you in confidence - this mountain fulfills desires. Honestly! =)) Mount Kubus from afar looks like a pyramid, completely covered with forests. People walk here one by one, and in large groups, here they rise both in winter and in summer. Dawns and even New Years are greeted here !! At the top of the mountain grows a huge, very unusual tree. It is this tree that is responsible for the wishes of tourists;)). One of our favorite desires is to see magnificent, panoramic views from the top of the mountain. And this desire always comes true! The active part of the route: 14.2 km, elevation difference of 1740-2340 m, the duration of the route is 6-7 hours.

    Day 3

    Galdaridon Falls (Pearl Falls) Good morning is when summer is on the calendar, outside the mountain and in the plans today is just a walk through these very mountains! The mountain road meanders like a snake, carries along and gradually gains altitude. The path leads past the blossoming Ivan tea and walks into a coniferous forest. Soon the pine branches seemed to be moving apart - and a noisy Hares river appeared before us . The closer we come to the waterfall , the more the gorge widens. Before us are rising mountains, which we will admire for a whole week! So, we have already come to the waterfall, and you have not forgotten swimsuits? Yes, the waterfall is cold! But does this stop us? =)) The active part of the route: 12.1 km, elevation difference 1740-2160 m, the duration of the route is 6 hours.

    Day 4

    Tanacete Glacier Today our route will be very diverse: alpine meadows, coniferous forests, harsh stones and a real glacier! The path will pass along the rivers Haresidon and Tanandon. Almost all the rivers in North Ossetia have the prefix "don" in their name, which means "water", "river". Having passed through the Tana glade, the path will lead us to the right, and immediately the goal of our trek will appear in the distance - the Tanacete glacier glinting in the sun. It is from him originates the river Tanandon, along which we will go. And next to the kingdom of flowers: rhododendrons, lilies, Ivan-tea, daisies and stunning orange poppies. Two large glaciers - Mosot and Tanacet - descend from the Laboda massif to the Digor Gorge. The area of the Tanacete glacier is about 4 kilometers. He is really huge! At the foot of the glacier will stop to rest, have lunch and go back. The active part of the route: 16.2 km, elevation difference 1740-2330 m, the duration of the route is 7 hours.

    Day 5

    The ancient auls of Digoria - Donifars, Lezgor and Kumbulta. On this day, we are waiting for jeeping through abandoned and covered with legends auls of Digoria! We will walk along the ancient streets of the villages, we will see the cave of St. Nicholas. Saint Nicholas in the representation of the Ossetians had the image of an eagle. On holidays, he was always offered gifts in the form of a white bull. Near the village of Matsuta we will visit the Bagayta castle, towering above the three Digor gorges. Next to the castle, stones are laid out in a semicircle - this is the place of the meeting of the Narta warriors, the local Stonehenge. In the village Donifars among ordinary houses are interesting stone monuments - the tower. It is here that the tower of the national hero Esa Kanukov is located. This is a bright and formidable symbol of Donifars, towering over the valley of the Urukh River. The duration of the route is 6-7 hours.

    Day 6

    Horizon You quickly get used to the beauty of Digoria! Piercing blue of the sky above, pine forests, flowering alpine meadows - this is such a familiar landscape. Today we climb to the highest point of our route, look at the surroundings from a height. Places will not be easy, but very picturesque! Having risen higher, we leave on an excellent observation platform. Let's look around: the valley of the Hares River remained far below, right in front of us is the already conquered Mount Kubus, the snowy Sugansky Range and, of course, our favorite is the huge Tana glacier, above which fluffy clouds hang. The active part of the route: 9 km, elevation difference 1740-2390 m, the duration of the route 5.5-6 hours.

    Day 7

    Taymazy Waterfalls We continue to admire the local beauty, today we have a complex of waterfalls in our plans. They are born on the Taymazi glacier and have the official name "Taymazinskie waterfalls". But, since there are three waterfalls, the tourists call them in their own way - “Three Sisters”. Three sisters are running in the Harez gorge, and even from afar look very impressive! The most powerful and deepest - the average "sister". Its white, frothy streams beckon to climb closer. At the foot of one of the waterfalls is the source of mineral narzan Coming to the waterfalls, it is worth looking down into the valley. On the left, Mount Kubus is temptingly rising, at the foot of which the Tana River runs, and in the distance is the Sugansky Ridge. The active part of the route: 7.8 km, elevation difference 1740-1950 m, the duration of the route is 4 hours.

    13:00 - transfer by minibus to Vladikavkaz. 15: 00-15: 30 - arrival at the airport of Beslan. 16:00 - arrival at the railway station of Vladikavkaz, departure home. Return tickets should be purchased for transport, which is sent after 17:00.

    Depending on the weather conditions, the physical condition of the participants and other factors, the route of the trip may be changed.

    What is included in an offer

    • Transportation by route in a minibus
    • Transfers on the route in the mountain transport
    • Services instructor guide
    • Accommodation in the hotel complex "Threshold of the sky": the site, a group of hotel complex V kontakte. Accommodation in the first (improved) building: double, triple, quadruple rooms. Each room has amenities (shower, toilet), TV. The hotel has Wi-Fi, billiards, swimming pool, sauna, sports complex, kitchen, where tourists can cook for themselves. At the hotel there are two lakes where you can go fishing. In the first case the number of rooms is limited. For late submission of applications for participation in the tour (less than 2 months), it is possible to book accommodation in the second building. At the same time, the cost of the trip will be adjusted downwards.
    • Three meals a day. Finished breakfasts and dinners are served in the hotel according to the set menu (the menu is not individual!), Lunch - afternoon ration in the mountains in the afternoon (day 2-7).
    • Rental group equipment: boilers, gas burners (for making tea for lunch in the mountains), group first-aid kit.

    What is NOT included in an offer

    • Transportation costs to the beginning of the route and back (Vladikavkaz).
    • If necessary, surcharge for single occupancy in a hotel room - 7500 rubles. from the room for the entire period of rest.
    • Insurance (optional)

    What should a client bring

    • Cap / panama
    • Jacket. The air temperature is early in the morning and late in the evening + 8 ... + 12C.
    • Fliska
    • T-shirt
    • Lightweight long sleeve shirt. A shirt will protect your hands and neck from burning.
    • Running pants
    • Underwear
    • Socks
    • Trekking shoes / two pairs of sneakers with thick soles
    • Flip flops (for walking in hotel)
    • Swimsuit
    • Rainwear or rainwear
    • Tracking sticks. Sticks significantly reduce the load on the knees. Physically strong and healthy tourists, we recommend to have a stick. Tourists who have problems with their knees, joints and obesity should have trekking poles.
    • Passport / child's birth certificate. Be sure to have the original documents (not a copy).
    • Camera / Camcorder + Charger
    • Hairbrush
    • Sunglasses
    • Plastic bottle 0.5 liters (for drinking water on the route)
    • Toilet paper
    • Mug, spoon, knife. For lunch in the mountains we make tea, tourists take mugs with them. You must have a non-beating mug (plastic or iron).
    • Thread, needle
    • Backpack for walking (volume 20-25 liters). The backpack contains the personal belongings of the tourist, as well as social products for lunch, which are issued by the instructor (products weigh 400-600 grams).
    • Podpopnik
    • Shoe dryers
    • Sunscreen, hygienic lipstick
    • Individual first aid kit. Required: elastic bandage, patch.
    • Hat, gloves (for trips in September, October)
    • Thermos (for trips in September, October)
    • Flashlight (for trips in September, October)