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    Ride the roller in Ufa

    Basic details

    Place: Ufa, Russia, улица Менделеева, 205А

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    • Ride the roller in Ufa
    • Ride the roller in Ufa
    • Ride the roller in Ufa
    • Ride the roller in Ufa
    • Ride the roller in Ufa

    What to expect

    Rollerdrome is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure - a large wardrobe, a recreation area on the site, rolling of rollers and other equipment.

    There is a separate area with slides for extreme skiing (quaterpipe).

    In addition to roller skating, we offer a huge number of additional services for all ages: teaching children and adults basic skiing skills, a school for advanced skaters, teaching bike tours, holding birthdays and holidays on the rollerdrome, as well as renting jumper, pennibord, roller-quads , drift-skate.

    Rules for visiting the Rollerdrome

    A visitor to the Rollerdrome understands that roller skating is a traumatic sport, so he himself determines for himself and his child the possibility of visiting the Rollerdrome, based on physical well-being and health. Administration is not responsible, in case of injury, during the period of being on Rolledrdrome (throughout its territory).

    Being on the territory of the Rollerdrome the visitor confirms the agreement with the familiarization of these Rules and their observance in full. On the territory of the site the following zones for games are organized: an extreme zone with slides, a playground for skating, a recreation area.

    We accept adults and children from 3 years old, from 90 cm in height. Children under the age of 8 are allowed only accompanied by adults. Children under 12 years of age are required to ride only in full protection (protection + helmet). All responsibility for the safe stay of the child at Rollerdrome is the responsibility of the parents (legal representatives).

    Children with disabilities are admitted to the center only when accompanied by an adult.

    Roller-skiing (extreme-zone) only for persons over 12 years old.

    Movement on the Rollerdrome is ONLY anti-clockwise.

    If Rollerdrome has a lot of scooters, be careful and careful.

    All payments are made only through the cash register of the Rollerdrome.

    To avoid injury, skating is recommended to use a protection kit. If you are a beginner, the use of protection is REQUIRED! For the injuries received without the use of protective uniforms, the Administration does not bear responsibility.

    Roller skating is provided ONLY in a specially equipped Rollerdrome skiing area.

    Adults, being throughout the territory of the Rollerdrome, bear full responsibility for the safety of their health and the health of their minor children, as well as material liability for damage to the Rollerdrome property.

    LEAVING the Rollerdrome skating area and, while remaining in roller skates, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE (including material) for your actions, which can lead to injuries to you and those around you outside the skiing area.

    A Rollerdrome employee may refuse admission to a visitor with obvious signs of cold or infectious diseases.

    Adults and children are prohibited from entering the playing area in outer clothing and street shoes. Visitors using the services of jumper, penniboard, drift-skate hire are allowed ONLY in replacement shoes (from October 1 to April 30).

    During the children's holidays, the birthday party company is allowed to bring drinks and food products, provided they are located within the recreation area (zone sofas). Ensuring cleanliness and order in the recreation area during the event is the responsibility of the accompanying (s).

    If necessary, the center employee has the right to provide the child with the first medical assistance, including an ambulance.

    When children's birthdays are held at Rollerdom, the maximum number of children is 12. Children must have a minimum of 1, but not more than 5 adults accompanying. The entire responsibility for the safe stay of children at the Rollerdrome during the event is borne by the parents (legal representatives).

    Parents leaving the child at Rollerdrome, MUST get him on time. In case the parents did not take the child / children to 21-00, the Center's staff has the right to apply and transfer the child / children to the Law Enforcement Bodies for their further escort.

    In case of aggression against other visitors and staff of the Rollerdrome, hysterical condition, intentional damage to property, the Administration reserves the right to stop the adult and / or child on Rollerdrome and to charge a commensurate amount of the damage caused by the accompanying person.

    We recommend not to take valuable things to the center (mobile phones, expensive toys, etc.). For the things left unattended and / or values, the administration does not bear responsibility.

    The administration reserves the right to refuse to skate and rent equipment to persons who are in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

    Administration is not liable for accidents caused by violation of these Rules by visitors.

    The administration is not liable for the damage caused to the visitor in the absence of the fault of the staff of the Rollerdrome.

    For the spoiled inventory, the administration has the right to recover from you damages from the calculation: jumper - 7000 rubles., Pennibords - 3000 rubles., Rollers - 3000 rubles., Protection - 700 rubles., Roller-quads - 5000 rubles. Drift skates - 2000 rub.

    When renting equipment, it is necessary to leave a pledge (ID document or cash deposit - jumper - 7000 rubles, pennibords - 3000 rubles, rollers - 3000 rubles., Protection - 700 rubles., Roller-quads - 5000 rubles. Drift skates - 2000 rubles).

    Instructors of the Rollerdrome are not responsible for the safety of visitors' health. Their duties include: monitoring compliance with safety regulations, as well as conducting introductory briefings.


    • To interfere with the movement of other visitors, push others.
    • Driving in a state of alcohol or drugs.
    • Children under 12 years of age can ride without a protective kit (helmet, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads).
    • Roller-skating (extreme-zone) for children under 12 years old.
    • Organize team games and competitions without administrator's permission.
    • Get up and jump from the sills, sofas, tables.
    • Smoking throughout the territory of the Rollerdrome, as well as bringing with them and drinking alcohol, using drugs. It is INACCEPTIVE to take the child to parents who are in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication. In this case, the staff of the Center have the right to call a representative of the law enforcement agencies for further support of the child / children.
    • Staying at the Rollerdrome with animals.
    • Finding on Rollerdrome with pricking, cutting, heavy and large-sized items.

    The administration reserves the right to refuse to visit the Rollerdrome violators of rules of conduct and safety precautions without explaining the reasons and monetary compensation.