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    Paintball in Ufa

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    Place: Ufa, Russia, улица Менделеева, 160/3

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    • Paintball in Ufa
    • Paintball in Ufa
    • Paintball in Ufa
    • Paintball in Ufa

    What to expect

    Teambuilding "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle", the night quest "Operation C" versus "SS" and the costume game "Hunting for Zombies" are the most popular among club guests. And what kind of non-standard and fun paintball weddings are held in the club! And very budgetary.

    In the arsenal of the club, and therefore at your disposal, there are more than 210 weapons. We use semi-automatic markers "TIPPMANN-98 CUSTOM" - the best rolling markers in Europe. For your choice we can provide Empire BT 4 Combat Black, BT 4 Rental, Tippmann Gryphon Marker Black, Tippmann FT-12 Rental, etc. Also at your disposal are extended Proto trunks and Thermal Masks Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens - Black Header. In addition, there are grenades RAG F-1s and R2B EVO3 with paint, a very formidable and effective weapon. A ring, an explosion, a scattering of "splinters" - everything is real! And more: RGD grenades and mines - to defeat a serious opponent. As for the "patrons" - it's paintballs of the famous company VICTORY, Empire Polar Ice, Alpha Sniper, Dazzl, Bombas, Bejet, Dye. The quality of balls and weapons is confirmed by winter games at a temperature below -30 degrees !!! The complete set of ammunition for the game includes: automatic, paintball mask, camouflage suit, gloves, bandana. There are many scenarios of paintball games - you can choose any of them or offer yours. As a rule, participants must hit the maximum number of players in the opponent's team, grab the flag and bring it to the agreed place. The average duration of the game is up to 20 minutes. As a game field, any rough terrain, forest or ruins is suitable. Convenience and safety of the game are always provided by qualified judges and instructors.

    VenuesThe players of the paint club "VICTORY" have 6 sites:

    The universal platform covers an area of ​​1.5 hectares. It houses houses, bottles, trees and various artificial obstacles.


    Playground. Professionally placed shelters on the "sun" system, a bus and cars for fighting from windows.


    Forest area. Real "zelenok" - a ravine, a bridge, trees, a bush, trenches, trenches, staff base - a full choice for an extreme.

    Fifth Element

    The platform, designed by the system of sports paintball, allows you to play it both for beginners and experienced players.


    The location of the fortifications will help you understand all aspects of the tactical component of paintball.

    Playground in Olympic Park

    "Rokada" divides the site into two parts with well-fortified bases.