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    Tour to the Cook Karauk Falls and Shihany Mountains

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    Place: Ufa, Russia,
    Duration: 12 hours

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    • Adults (14+)
    • Kids (3-14 years)
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    • Tour to the Cook Karauk Falls and Shihany Mountains
    • Tour to the Cook Karauk Falls and Shihany Mountains

    What to expect

    Waterfall Kuk Karauk and the Salavat Cave Not far from the city of Sterlitamak are almost abandoned now, the ancient road leading to Beloretsk. It is laid through the Ural mountains and conceals a wild dangerous beauty, interesting legends and a difficult history of the mining Ural. The name of this road is the Beloretsk highway. Behind the village of Makarovo, the path runs along the valley of the Sikaz river past the majestic limestone cliffs. In one of the steep rocks there is the Salavat cave. It is impossible to miss it - the entrance is located at an altitude of 6 meters above the river Sikaza river. Approximately 4 kilometers from the Salavat cave, there is a picturesque waterfall Kuk Karauk. The water drops from a height of 10 meters with a few jets, breaking about the stones, and then merging into one stream, rushing with noise among the boulders. Not far from the waterfall you can see the remains of a stone bridge, along which the road from Sterlitamak to Verkhneuralsk used to run. Steep ascent near the Stone Bridge was very dangerous. The carts and sleighs descended on it often fell into the gorge. Now, the road has lost its economic importance, and increasingly attracts the attention of travelers. Excursion program: Attention! The program of the itinerary is designed for familiarization and can be adjusted.
    • 8.30 - Departure from Ufa
    • 8.30-12.30 - road to the rock of Kalim-Uskan and the caves of Salavat
    • 13.00-15.00 - lunch
    • 15-00-15.20 - moving to the waterfall Cook Karauk
    • 15-30-17.00 - the waterfall of the Cook Karauk. Excursion to the remains of the stone bridge
    • 17.00 - 20.30 - return to Ufa

    What is included in an offer

    The road from Ufa and back, sightseeing tour.