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    Weekend tour to the Red Key

    Basic details

    Place: Ufa, Russia,
    Duration: 2 days

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    • Adults (9+)
    • Kids (3-9 years)
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    • Weekend tour to the Red Key
    • Weekend tour to the Red Key
    • Weekend tour to the Red Key

    What to expect

    The source forms two lakes at the foot of the plateau. The first of them, at the very mountain, has a depth of up to 38 meters, from the bottom it beats the flow of underground water. The second lake is separated from the first by a narrow natural dam and having a depth of up to 20 meters, gives a sink in the form of a rapid flowing stream - the whole river. On average, 12-15 cubic meters of water flow in 1 second, in winter its consumption decreases to 2-6 cubic meters, but in the spring it increases to 30-50 cubic meters per second. The water temperature in the spring is 4,5 - 5,5 ° in winter and in summer, and in spring 3 - 4 °. This is one of the most powerful underground sources in Russia. Once the valley of the river Ufa was very deep, and groundwater flowed directly into the riverbed. When lowering the earth's crust, the river filled the valley with sandy-argillaceous sediments, which closed the free path to the underground water to the Ufa river. The source turned out to be "trapped" and poured out already from the deep lake. The Krasny Klyuch is a unique spring, not only in terms of its power and scientific value, but also in the beauty of the surrounding nature. The steep slope of the plateau adjoining it is covered with a beautiful forest, which, as in a mirror, is reflected in the light-green surface of the lakes. Involuntarily embraces a sense of surprise and delight when you look at this "miracle" of nature from the dam and below it, from the shore of a rushing stream. It's hard to break away from such beauty, I do not want to leave. The surroundings of the Red Key are very interesting and beautiful nature, for which these places are called Bashkir Switzerland.

    Two-day route (Saturday and Sunday), with accommodation at the hostel, excursions, meals. Departure from Ufa.

    What is included in an offer

    The road from Ufa and back, accommodation at the hostel, food.