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    Fly on a paraglider in Tyumen

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    Place: Tyumen, Russia,

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    • Fly on a paraglider in Tyumen
    • Fly on a paraglider in Tyumen
    • Fly on a paraglider in Tyumen
    • Fly on a paraglider in Tyumen

    What to expect

    You will open the world from an angle accessible to birds. With views from a height of 150-400 meters, you want to admire endlessly, especially when using warm ascending air currents, the paraglider can be raised to the clouds and soared there for hours. And most importantly, everything is comfortable and safe. Simple take-off, comfortable, protected by a tread, chair, soft landing. The heights are afraid of half the planet, but having risen in the air on the paraglider you will be surprised to find that there is no fear. After all, this is a special kind of flight, as if you are standing on the top of a green sloping hill and admiring the world. And the first thing you will say after a soft landing - It's wonderful!

    A flight in tandem is a joy that is given on the day of birth. Our team many times congratulated the birthday people, held corporate corporate holidays. All that is necessary for this, your desire!

    How does this happen?

    Preparation for the flight takes 5 minutes - the passenger is dressed and adjusted to the suspension system, they put on a helmet. After that, you will receive an introductory briefing, where you will be told about the simple rules of take-off and landing. The main task of the passenger is to stay on your feet during the start, not to sit in the suspension system before taking off from the ground. it will be difficult for the pilot to start and carry the passenger in his arms. Then the passenger is hooked up to the pilot with a paraglider. To take off, it's enough to run a little at the start or even take a couple of steps - it all depends on the strength of the wind. The paraglider gently tears off from the ground and rises upward in a dynamic flow of air. If the passenger wishes and the appropriate weather conditions, the pilot can perform a paraglider piloting exercise with overloads and a sense of weightlessness - steep wangers, tight spirals, slides, during which the passenger receives indelible impressions - a real adrenaline! Perhaps even try to control the glider yourself, under the control of the pilot. Returning back to earth will be gentle, your tandem master will take care of this.

    How safe is the tandem?

    Tandem wings are designed with the highest level of safety. They are practically not subject to addition in flight and have "all-forgiving" behavior. In our club, flights are conducted only on certified equipment. Each device is necessarily equipped with a spassistem. Tandem pilots are the most experienced pilots who understand responsibility for the passenger. Proceeding from this, it can be said that flying on tandem is the safest kind of flight. What clothes are needed for flights? Sportswear, high sneakers or mountain boots. If you want to fly longer and higher, then you need warm clothing, because the altitude is quite cold. High boots will protect your feet on landing. The higher their lacing, the better they protect the ankle.


    • You are not less than 3 and not more than 104
    • Your weight is not less than 25 and not more than 100 kg
    • You are very afraid of heights
    • Believe that 5748 takeoffs are equal to 5748 safe landings

    Then we are on the way!