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    Jump with a parachute in the Tyumen region

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    Place: Yalutorovsk, Russia,

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    • Jump with a parachute in the Tyumen region
    • Jump with a parachute in the Tyumen region
    • Jump with a parachute in the Tyumen region
    • Jump with a parachute in the Tyumen region
    • Jump with a parachute in the Tyumen region
    • Jump with a parachute in the Tyumen region
    • Jump with a parachute in the Tyumen region

    What to expect

    The first jump

    The independent jump is performed from a height of 1000 m with the parachute descent D-6. After separation from the aircraft within 3 seconds, a reduction occurs under the stabilizing dome, after which, using a ring, you open the main parachute, and decrease at a speed of 5 m / s for 2.5-3 minutes. The impact force at landing is equivalent to a jump from a height of 1.3 meters.

    For a safe jump, ground training takes three hours, during which you will be taught how to act correctly at all stages of the jump. The necessary skills are fixed practical training. Ground training is conducted at the aerodrome before the jump.

    For the jump, a medical certificate is required. The certificate is valid for one year, obtained in the city's polyclinics. If you have a medical certificate for employment or obtaining a driver's license or a license for weapons not older than 12 months, you can show it instead of f.086.

    Young people who have passed the registration commission in the military registration and enlistment office and are recognized fit for military service, it is not necessary to undergo a separate medical examination for an independent parachute jump. The admission to jumping is given upon presentation of a certificate of registration You also need to have a passport and a medical certificate.

    For those wishing to jump, there are restrictions on weight (45-90 kg) and by age - not less than 15 years. If you are under 18, you must have written consent from the parents. Jumps are made with wind at more than 5 m / s, in the absence of rain and heavy snow, and also with a cloudiness of not less than 1000 m.

    Initial training

    The training of the initial training parachutists includes a 30-hour program of theoretical training and the execution of three jumps with the D-6 landing parachute. Theoretical training includes the theory of jumping, the construction and operation of a parachute, its packing, special cases, and also the development of jump elements on the ground. After passing the tests and performing jumps, the 3rd category in parachuting is awarded, a certificate is issued.


    • Age - not less than 15 years. For those who are under 18 years of age, the written permission of the parents is required.
    • Weight-45-90 kg.
    • Availability of medical certificate f.086-y.

    Tandem Jump

    Leap of a passenger with an instructor on a special double parachute. With the help of a tandem jump, for example, a spectacular appearance at the festival of the culprit of a celebration or a presenter is possible.