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    Kiting in the Tyumen region

    Basic details

    Place: Tyumen, Russia,

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    • Kiting in the Tyumen region
    • Kiting in the Tyumen region
    • Kiting in the Tyumen region
    • Kiting in the Tyumen region

    What to expect

    Training and hire is conducted on equipment from the world's leading manufacturers of kite equipment Slingshot, Mystic, North kiteboarding, Black Fire. The training kit includes a kite of the required size with a control bar and a trapezoid. The duration of one lesson is 1 hour.


    "Introduction to kiting"

    Duration: 2 lessons

    What is included:

    • kite device, windshield theory
    • handling of equipment
    • general safety principles
    • piloting of the training kite (pilotage)
    • at successful result in work with aerobatics, piloting of a towing kite

    "Initial course"

    Duration: 4 lessons

    What is included:

    • all that is indicated in the course "acquaintance with kiting", plus, with successful mastering of all skills,
    • kite climbing, launch theory
    • basic provisions of skis or boards, bodies, kites, necessary for launching
    • kite and board control simultaneously
    • first short lines

    "Standard course"

    Duration: 6 lessons

    What is included:

    • all that is indicated in the course "initial", plus, with successful mastering of all skills,
    • consolidation of the material
    • work on the points that need to be disassembled more
    • theory of wind effects
    • Bonus: after completing the training and issuing the certificate, 2 hours of equipment rental as a gift

    "Advanced Course"

    Duration: 8 lessons

    What is included:

    • All that is indicated in the course "standard", plus to this
    • learn to walk as sharp as possible against the wind and control the speed
    • correct bad habits, learn to keep the right rack
    • we go for a drive in the traffic, we study rules of a divergence
    • basics of kite races
    • freestyle fundamentals

    We draw your attention to the fact that the programs of the courses are compiled according to generally accepted standards. The goal of our school is not just to teach something and give a certificate, but to give the student all the necessary skills for safe and conscious kite management. Therefore, if, at the end of the course, you and the instructor consider that you need to consolidate the knowledge gained under the guidance of an experienced person, we recommend that you take advantage of comprehensive training offers.

    Have you mastered all the skills necessary for safe and independent skating and are interested in further improvement?

    • If you are going to buy equipment, we will help you find it for your goals
    • If you have not decided yet, to purchase equipment, or not, but want to continue to roll and develop, we provide equipment kits for rent

    If you have been trained "on the seas" and received an IKO certificate for safe and comfortable skiing in winter conditions, we recommend taking a couple of lessons from our instructors and then enjoying a self-wheelchair.