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    Rope City in the Tver Region

    Basic details

    Place: The village is big Grishkino, Russia,
    Duration: 1 hour

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    • Rope City in the Tver Region
    • Rope City in the Tver Region
    • Rope City in the Tver Region

    What to expect

    For adults and children older than 13 years, the rope city is open according to the schedule *, compiled by the town instructor. In the adult rope city, the guests have at their disposal a lot of unique obstacles that will not be in everyone's power. A special difficulty is that the complex is equipped at a level of 4-5 meters above the ground. Guests of the city can choose one of three available routes, their total distance is 280 meters. The test group includes: bicycle, climbing wall, cane, tarzanka and other improbable devices.

    Being in the rope town "Grishkino" , you can not worry about your own safety. As the visitor passes the route, a professional instructor watches his actions and everything that happens. Special equipment and insurance provide a high level of safety for the holidaymaker. Every guest is obliged to listen to special instruction. Even if the visitor has good experience in passing such trails, he undertakes to put on insurance equipment and a helmet.

    Small guests of the recreation park (up to 40 kg) can visit the "Children's rope town". This place will please those children who are going to pass such a distance for the first time.

    The route for children consists of a tarpaulin, a cableway, a tunnel and a ladder. The instructor does not supervise children during the passage of the route. The role of the insurance system is played by a large net stretched along the perimeter of the entire zone. One parent has the right to be near the child during the test, standing on the ground.

    You already wanted to visit the rope town "Grishkino" ? Then collect sports clothes and shoes, excellent mood, will and aye-da towards adventure!

    * Working hours of the instructor of the rope city: Weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) from 1200 to 1800 Weekends and holidays (Saturday, Sunday) from 1100 to 2000

    Closed on Mondays, Thursdays.