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    Take a hang gliding flight over Tula!

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    Place: Tula, Russia, улица Чмутова, 158

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    • Take a hang gliding flight over Tula!
    • Take a hang gliding flight over Tula!
    • Take a hang gliding flight over Tula!
    • Take a hang gliding flight over Tula!

    What to expect

    A hang glider is such an amazing thing! It seems to be metal, weighty, and a couple of steps forward did - and already flies through the air. When you feel it for the first time, it seems very strange that it flies so easily. And even stranger when he raises you and himself.

    Hang-glider - the aircraft is heavier than air, made in accordance with the scheme of tailless with a swept wing. Controlling the flight on a hang-glider is carried out by shifting the center of mass due to the movement of the pilot relative to the point of suspension (balance glider). A characteristic feature is the start from the feet and landing on the feet. The name "hang-glider" was given for the similarity of the wing of the first samples with the Greek letter Delta. You can fly on a hang-glider in the nearest flying club.

    Hang gliding has always been not so much a sport as a way of life, especially in our country. The way to the sky for hang-gliders is quite complex and thorny, besides, training is a fairly long process. All this very well promotes the rallying of a group of "teapots" who learn to fly together, and the formation of close relationships with instructors. In hang-gliding there are no random people - the training process is too difficult.