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    Ride a snowmobile in the Tomsk region

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    Place: Tomsk, Russia,

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    • Adults (18+)
    • Kids (6-12 years)
    • OK
    • Ride a snowmobile in the Tomsk region
    • Ride a snowmobile in the Tomsk region
    • Ride a snowmobile in the Tomsk region
    • Ride a snowmobile in the Tomsk region
    • Ride a snowmobile in the Tomsk region
    • Ride a snowmobile in the Tomsk region

    What to expect

    The best snowmobiles for everyone! In stock: a snowmobile for a beginner, a powerful sports snowmobile for an experienced extreme and, of course, a snowmobile for your child.

    Experienced instructors will tell in detail, will show and disclose the secrets of running a snowmobile. With our instructors will be calm and safe on any track!

    Snowmobile rental Tomsk is currently a popular type of recreation, especially for extreme sports enthusiasts. SNEGOHOD70 offers lovers of outdoor activities snowmobiling in Tomsk. You can have a great rest with your family, children or friends, using the service of renting snowmobiles. Feel positive emotions, get vivid impressions and adrenaline. We will be glad to meet you in the ski park "Edelweiss" and on other routes near the city of Tomsk. Our snowmobiles in just 5 seconds develop a speed of more than 100 km / h. Rental snowmobiles in Tomsk equals an extreme kind of rest and entails a fantastic release of adrenaline, a lot of positive emotions, as well as an unforgettable experience of a snowmobile ride! In your memory will remain only bright and positive moments, and for sure you will have a desire to rent a snowmobile again! Details of renting snowmobiles, as well as about the points of collection and places of hire, please call.

    Taiga RM Lynx

    An excellent choice for the younger generation of snowmobile enthusiasts. The first Russian snowmobile, developed specially for children from 6 to 12 years.

    BRP Tundra WT

    A powerful two-wheeled snowmobile with high cross-country ability. Excellent choice for walking together on snow-covered expanses. Recommended for experienced drivers.

    RM Tiksi 250

    Functional and easy to manage single-seat snowmobile. It has a small mass, excellent maneuverability and stability. A choice for a beginner.

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