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    Play laser tag in Tomsk

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    Place: Tomsk, Russia, Пролетарская улица, 38/1

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    • Play laser tag in Tomsk
    • Play laser tag in Tomsk
    • Play laser tag in Tomsk
    • Play laser tag in Tomsk
    • Play laser tag in Tomsk
    • Play laser tag in Tomsk

    What to expect

    For each fight there is a certain amount of time for which players try to score the maximum number of points, shooting each other with infrared rays from the "laser pistols". All hits are fixed by special sensors and are counted by the computer.

    Infrared shots are completely harmless to health, and counting hits in real time completely eliminates the possibility of deception - when you get into the player, his kit is shut off for a while, not allowing you to continue shooting. The results of the battle are drawn at the end of each round - a special monitor displays the ranking of players. Precisely thanks to the possibility of precise and objective control, the laser tag received a sports component that turns it from a modern and spectacular attraction into a phenomenon that is aptly called "eSports".

    Can not imagine how it really looks like? In this you will be helped by our video clip dedicated to the arena laser tag. Meet:

    LaserTAG arena "Portal-70" is a club for fans of laser combat of practically any age. Believe me, laser tag is interesting not only for children - it is popular all over the world at a wide age audience. In laser paintball play adults and children, men and women, athletes and housewives. Now it's much easier to decide where to go with friends or with the family - the arena laser tag club will be an excellent choice for rest on weekdays or on weekends. Looking for where to celebrate the birthday in Tomsk - laser tag arena is suitable for this as well as possible!