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    A meal with the fun of Tambovskaya Lubava

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    Place: Tambov, Russia, Советская улица, 71

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    • A meal with the fun of Tambovskaya Lubava
    • A meal with the fun of Tambovskaya Lubava
    • A meal with the fun of Tambovskaya Lubava
    • A meal with the fun of Tambovskaya Lubava
    • A meal with the fun of Tambovskaya Lubava

    What to expect


    1 day.

    Arrival in Tambov. Transfer to the hotel by yourself or meeting at the car (information to provide in advance).

    07.30 - Group transfer to the hotel for arriving by train number 31

    09.35 - Group transfer to the hotel for arrivals by train No. 651

    10.22-Group transfer to the hotel for arrivals by train No. 005g

    11.45 - Group transfer to the hotel for arrivals by train 109a.

    Accommodation at the hotel (check out time is 12.00).

    13.00 Meeting with a guide in the lobby of the hotel "Slavyanskaya".

    13.15 Meeting with the guide in the lobby of the Hotel "Hotel"

    13.30 Meeting with the guide of the hotel "Teatralnaya".

    The beginning of the "delicious" tour of Tambov begins with a visit to the oldest confectionery company of the city-cafe "Confectionery", where our guests will taste cakes prepared according to Soviet technologies for hot tea.

    14.30 Excursion to the Museum of Local Lore-acquaintance with the history of Tambov crafts.

    15.30 Visiting a souvenir shop and a Tambov knitwear store.

    17.30 Master class on making a Tambov rag doll. Master craftsman, who preserved and recreated the traditions of the Tambov craft, will tell the guests about the history of the doll and teach the basic techniques for its creation. It is possible to buy author's souvenirs as a gift.

    18.30 Dinner, the menu includes Tambov specialties. Dessert is compulsory. Free time.

    2 day.

    09.00 Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel.

    10.00 Departure for an excursion to the village. Treguliai and the village of Tulinovka.

    Ioanno-Predtechensky Tregulyaev man's monastery. The history of the monastery begins with the foundation of St. Pitirim in 1688. Temple, source, bathing. Departure to the village of Tulinovka. Uspensky Sophia Convent in the village. Tulinovka (external inspection), the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, a tree of Love, Tulinov's estate.

    12.00 Lunch at the cafe.

    13.00 Excursion to 380-year-old Tambov, located on the banks of the two rivers Student and Tsna, on the border between Ancient Muscovy and the Crimean Khanate. On the Wild Field laid by the decree of Mikhail Fedorovich defensive fortress, which became a beautiful and distinctive city.

    The group goes on a journey through a pedestrian street, from which the city began to acquire a stone face, which we owe to the governor, GR. Derzhavin. The noble assembly (the building of the Tambov Drama Theater), the Naryshkinskaya reading room (Picture gallery), the building of the Post and attendance places, the Alexandrinsky Institute of Noble Maidens (now one of the corps of TSU named after Derzhavin). Tambov Museum of Local History (external examination), Gostiny Dvor, merchant and noble mansions.

    The city was founded on Easter, and its symbol was the Transfiguration Cathedral, which continues the tour. It was founded by Saint Pitirim. Initially, the cathedral was planned as a one-story building, but already in the process of building the patron of the Tambov land decided to erect the second floor. In the cathedral, the main Tambov shrines were kept and the richest collection of temple icons, written by famous icon painters, was located.

    The Kazan Monastery of the Mother of God is a holy monastery that united the history of the entire Tambov region. Kazan Cathedral is a witness of the era of enlightenment. The walls of the cathedral are painted in the grisal technique, the temple of the Sarov masters was built, and Seraphim of Sarov himself was ordained in this cathedral.

    Tour of Tambov will continue along the pedestrian Naberezhnaya street, which stretched almost 5 km and is located along the canal of the river Tsny. Here is a monument to the Tambov peasant, known all over Russia: a three-meter sculpture of a tiller piercing with a plow and a machine gun belt, and political slogans; a monument to SV Rakhmaninov, a well-known composer who for many years created his masterpieces on Tambov land.

    Familiarization with the merchant Tambov will continue with a visit to the Roman Catholic Church of the Cross of the Lord, the Lukyanenko Manor and the Monument to Archbishop Luka.

    16.00 The farmstead of merchant Aseev is the most beautiful and majestic mansion of the beginning of the 20th century, built according to the project of Lev Kekushev, a talented architect who stood at the origins of the Moscow modern. Tour of the palace will transfer to the world of merchant life of the late 19-early 20 centuries, will not leave indifferent the museum and the mysterious history of the well-known family in Tambov. On the territory of the estate there is not only a rare beauty building, but also a beautiful park area, which has existed here since 1905-07. Among a large number of trees (lindens, elms, pine, spruce, poplar, acacia) and shrubs (Tatar honeysuckle, poppy rose, snow berry), one can not help but notice a unique plant - a century old oak, which is about 215 years old.

    17.00 End of excursion service. Time before the train.

    (For St. Petersburg, the recommended departure by train "Tambov-St Petersburg" at 18.05, for Moscow after 21.00 various options)

    What should a client bring

    The ticket (it is possible to check in with the travel agency ticket with the note "According to the reservation of the travel agency" Gintur "), a passport (for children under 14, a birth certificate).

    When visiting active monasteries and temples, women are not advised to enter the territory in trousers or shorts without a headdress.