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    Evening Sochi. VIP

    Basic details

    Place: Sochi, Russia, улица Войкова, 1
    Duration: 6 hours

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    • Person (1-4 persons)
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    • Evening Sochi. VIP
    • Evening Sochi. VIP
    • Evening Sochi. VIP
    • Evening Sochi. VIP
    • Evening Sochi. VIP
    • Evening Sochi. VIP
    • Evening Sochi. VIP
    • Evening Sochi. VIP
    • Evening Sochi. VIP

    What to expect

    Sochi can not help but love. It is possible to regret the lost past image, which have sunk in the shops, courtyards and many other things that would remind us of the past. That city is no longer there and it can not be returned. All this is really sad and sad. But one can not fail to notice its present beauty, not to see how it has transformed and blossomed. How has it turned into a wonderful world-class resort city. Holding the XXII Winter Olympic Games turned it into a full-fledged winter resort, i.е. year-round. This is really so and to challenge, we think, very difficult.

    We propose to evaluate it from the other side. Look at our city in a different light, in other colors. We propose to make an excursion in the evening Sochi. It seems to us that this can not but please. You can continue the beautiful evening at the seaside promenade in Sochi.

    The duration and route of the trip will be made according to your wishes. The list of possible excursion objects is given below. Excursion year-round.

    Excursion objects of your choice: sea ​​terminal, Kurortny prospect, railway station, Moskovskaya street, Michael Archangel's cathedral, Ordzhonikidze street, Akhun mountain, Adler, Olympic park, singing fountain, Krasnaya Polyana, Rose farm

    What is included in an offer

    1. The tour is held at a convenient time for you, on a comfortable off-road car;
    2. We come for you and bring you after the tour;
    3. We provide you with an experienced guide-guide;
    4. The route of the excursion is made on the basis of your wishes and can be changed at any time in consultation with us;
    5. We spend the excursion with you and only for you, we do not wait for anyone and depend on no one except you;
    6. If you did not find what you were looking for on our website - call or email us. We will certainly help;
    7. We work for you every day, all the year round.

    What is NOT included in an offer

    The cost of the trip does not include payment for food and recreational fees.

    What should a client bring

    In advance of the excursion we will give our recommendations.