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    On the holy places of Abkhazia. VIP

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    Place: Sochi, Russia, улица Войкова, 1
    Duration: 10 hours

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    • On the holy places of Abkhazia. VIP
    • On the holy places of Abkhazia. VIP
    • On the holy places of Abkhazia. VIP
    • On the holy places of Abkhazia. VIP
    • On the holy places of Abkhazia. VIP
    • On the holy places of Abkhazia. VIP

    What to expect

    Every time when the question concerns Abkhazia, you catch yourself thinking that everything here is somehow different. This does not mean that it's bad, no - in a different way ... And it becomes even more mysterious and interesting from this. We read somewhere that, in terms of per capita or per unit area in Abkhazia, cultural, archaeological, religious monuments account for more than anywhere else on the Earth. These monuments are preserved not because they belong to a particular period, to one faith or religion. No. It's just that Abkhazians never destroyed anything.

    According to the 2003 survey in Abkhazia, there were 64% of Christians; 14% are Muslims, etc. But the Abkhazians never treated the religion fanatically. It's more correct to say - formally. As a result of the survey of the population conducted by the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the fall of 1997 in Gagra and Gudauta districts, it was found out that from 47% to 70% of representatives of different faiths confessed that they themselves or their relatives have traditional sanctuaries, or resorted to such sanctuaries. Prominent Abkhazian educator and public figure Simon Basaria wrote that "Abkhazians are not pagans, they profess the right faith, not alien to either the true teachings of Christ, nor the moral side of the teachings of Mohammed, nor the teachings of the Buddha and other great founders of religion." According to the current priest of the sanctuary Dadrypsh Zaura Chichba "the only God in Abkhazia is God the creator and creator of the whole world ... The followers of all world religions honor this one supreme god, but only each in his own way ... Abkhazia is guarded by seven main sanctuaries that patronize others for easier. Each main sanctuary has its own priest, who comes from a special priestly kind. Visitation of the sanctuaries is possible only by permission and in the presence of the priest. On the sanctuaries is a rite of sacrifice. At present, sanctuaries remain a place of cleansing oath for people suspected of committing a crime, their help may be addressed by the victims with a request to punish the abusers, or, if they are unknown, to point out the perpetrators. Curses can be performed. The priest performs the rituals for free.

    Traditional religion plays a very important role in the life of contemporary Abkhazians and continues to be one of the most important foundations of Abkhaz identity, however, current authorities do not distinguish it from other religions. They take an emphatically respectful attitude towards all religions in the country. In Abkhazia, there are many famous ancient Christian temples, with a long history. Among them is the Pitsunda temple. In Pitsunda Bishop Stratophil served as a participant in the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. Okharsky rock monastery, which admires the strength of will and spirit, the people who built it. The Likhno Temple of the Assumption of the Mother of God (X-XI) is a true masterpiece of iconic architecture, in which, according to legend, the service did not stop for one day for more than 1,500 years of its existence. The Temple of Simon the Canaanite and the New Athos Monastery. Three times the holy village of Kamana, which is associated with the names of St. Basilisk, John Chrysostom and John the Forerunner (Baptist). Ilor Temple of St. George (VIII) is a very well-known temple, where icons are constantly myrrh and in which you can see if you are allowed by Father Sergius, a rite of exorcism. Who has been there at least once, is eager to come again. There is power. If you are interested in the tour, please contact. You will not regret. Very interesting!!! Excursion year-round.

    Excursion objects of your choice: Pinnudsky temple, Pitsunda wall, Otkharsky rock monastery, Likhne temple of the Assumption of the Mother of God, Simon Kananit shrine, Simon Kananit grotto, the Monastery of St. Noon, the chapel of the Christian martyr St. Basilisk, the source of St. Basilisk, the temple of St. John Chrysostom , Ilor Temple of St. George the Victorious

    What is included in an offer

    1. The tour is held at a convenient time for you, on a comfortable off-road car;
    2. We come for you and bring you after the tour;
    3. We provide you with an experienced guide-guide;
    4. The route of the excursion is made on the basis of your wishes and can be changed at any time in consultation with us;
    5. We spend the excursion with you and only for you, we do not wait for anyone and depend on no one except you;
    6. If you did not find what you were looking for on our website - call or email us. We will certainly help;
    7. We work for you every day, all the year round.

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    The cost of the trip does not include payment for food and recreational fees.

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    In advance of the excursion we will give our recommendations.