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    New Athos. Abkhazia. VIP

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    Place: Sochi, Russia, улица Войкова, 1
    Duration: 6 hours

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    • New Athos. Abkhazia. VIP
    • New Athos. Abkhazia. VIP
    • New Athos. Abkhazia. VIP
    • New Athos. Abkhazia. VIP
    • New Athos. Abkhazia. VIP
    • New Athos. Abkhazia. VIP
    • New Athos. Abkhazia. VIP
    • New Athos. Abkhazia. VIP
    • New Athos. Abkhazia. VIP
    • New Athos. Abkhazia. VIP

    What to expect

    Abkhazia is a beautiful, amazing country. Admire its nature, its climate, its people. According to one of the legends, God gave the Abkhazians the land that he left for himself. Maybe that's why they treat their land, their history. Almost all small settlements of a large settlement have been preserved, or traces of them, with centuries of history. So here is a bit of a story: "... in 676 under Flavius ​​Constantine, whom the giving justly says that he moved the laity from Athos to the Peloponnese, and gave this mountain to the monks" (Porphyry of Uspensky "The History of Athos"). The Athos peninsula is the easternmost tip of the Halkidiki peninsula (the oldest name is Akti). Since then, Athos is the largest center of Orthodox monasticism in the world, revered as the Mother of God. But, unfortunately, or fortunately, in 1874 - 1875 in the Panteleimon monastery, a confusion occurred, as a result of which, there was a threat of eviction of Russian monks. In order to reassure the brethren, the elders Father Jerome and Father Macarius appealed to the Russian Ambassador in Constantinople to Count N.P. Ignatiev, as well as with a letter to the governor of the Caucasus, Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich, requesting an application for the allocation of a land plot in the Caucasus for the construction of the monastery. As a result, in 1875 the land was allocated by the Highest command of Alexander II. In addition, a large cash subsidy was allocated. One of the sites for the construction of a new NPA was the settlement of Solokh-Aul (Sochi). The place attracted the monks - its remoteness and inaccessibility, it resembled the holy mountain Athos and contributed to a solitary prayer. However, finally, it was chosen - in Abkhazia, on the Black Sea coast, on the river Psyrtsha in the homonymous village. It is likely that the choice of place could be influenced by what was preached here and adopted in 55 AD. the martyrdom of Simon the Canaanite is one of the apostles of Jesus Christ. Here and now are the cell and the temple of Simon the Canaanite.

    The New Athanian Orthodox Monastery was built in 1900 and received the name of the Holy Apostle Simon the Canaanite. It became one of the largest religious centers in the Caucasus. The monastery is very beautiful. Includes six temples.

    In 1924 the monastery was closed. In 1994 he received a second birth. Divine services began to be performed, restoration work began. With the help of Russian sponsors, the monastery hydroelectric power station built by the monks in 1909 was restored and put into operation. In the vicinity of the monastery complex are the Intercession Church, the chapel of the Iberian Mother of God, the Iberian Mount, the Anakopia Fortress, the villa of IV Stalin, the New Athos karst caves and much more. Excursion year-round.

    Excursion objects of your choice: the embankment of New Athos, the Primorsky Park of New Athos, the Genoese (Psyrtskhinskaya) Tower, the cypress "Tsarskaya Alleya", Novy Afonsky Simon the Kananitsky Monastery, the Temple of Simon the Cananite, the Garden of Stones, the Apostle Simon Kananit's Cell, the New Athos Falls, station "Ptsirha", Pokrovskaya church, a path of sinners, New Athos waterfall, chapel of the Iberian Mother of God, Iverskaya mountain, Anakopianskaya fortress, an inexhaustible well, Ivan Stalin's dacha

    What is included in an offer

    1. The tour is held at a convenient time for you, on a comfortable off-road car;
    2. We come for you and bring you after the tour;
    3. We provide you with an experienced guide-guide;
    4. The route of the excursion is made on the basis of your wishes and can be changed at any time in consultation with us;
    5. We spend the excursion with you and only for you, we do not wait for anyone and depend on no one except you;
    6. If you did not find what you were looking for on our website - call or email us. We will certainly help;
    7. We work for you every day, all the year round.

    What is NOT included in an offer

    The cost of the trip does not include payment for food and recreational fees.

    What should a client bring

    In advance of the excursion we will give our recommendations.