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    Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia. VIP

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    Place: Sochi, Russia, улица Войкова, 1
    Duration: 10 hours

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    • Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia. VIP
    • Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia. VIP
    • Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia. VIP
    • Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia. VIP
    • Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia. VIP
    • Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia. VIP
    • Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia. VIP
    • Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia. VIP
    • Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia. VIP

    What to expect

    A trip to Lake Ritsa is an extraordinary, interesting event. And not because the lake itself is very famous and popular. The image of the lake or the expectation of a meeting with the lake is maintained by the sights that we meet during the movement ... These are waterfalls ("Girl's Tears", "Man's Tears" and others), and Blue Lake, and the ruins of medieval Bzyb and Kaldakhvar fortresses. The amazing beauty of the road that passes through the territory of Ricinsky relict national park along the banks of the Bzyb River and its tributary Yupshara, along the bottom of the majestic Jupshar canyon with sheer walls of about 400 meters in height.

    The wild flora of Abkhazia includes over 2 thousand species and every fourth plant is found only in Abkhazia or the Caucasus (endemic). If you are lucky, you can see flowers that grow on the Earth only in the Bzybsky Gorge. The range of the growth of some local flowers in the wild takes only a few dozen square meters.

    Lake Ritsa itself was known to hunters for a long time, but it was described for the first time in 1895 by the famous Russian geographer, botanist and traveler Nikolai Alboov. By the way, his name is one of the endemics, the bell Amazing (Albov), growing in the area of ​​the Gagra Range and the Bzyb River. On the shore of Lake Ritsa there are former dachas IV Stalin, LI Brezhnev and NS Khrushchev.

    Fans of the cinema are expected to meet with the shooting sites of the films "The Caucasian Captive", "Sannikov Land". By the way, on the Geg waterfall were shooting shooting Sherlock Holmes with Dr. Moriarty in the movie "Mortal Fight".

    The whole tour is accompanied by stories of ancient legends about almost everything seen. Excursion year-round.

    Excursion objects of your choice: Bzyb fortress, Solovyov Grotto, waterfall Men's tears, waterfall Maiden tears, watchtower Khasan-Abaa, Blue lake, Ypshar canyon, Gegsky waterfall, Chabgar cornice, Ritsa lake, Bird waterfall, Molochny waterfall, Auadhara mineral springs , Lake Mzy, viewing platform "Farewell to the Motherland", the villa of IV Stalin

    What is included in an offer

    1. For you, on a comfortable off-road car;
    2. We come for you and bring you after the tour;
    3. We provide you with an experienced guide-guide;
    4. The route of the excursion is made on the basis of your wishes and can be changed at any time in consultation with us;
    5. We spend the excursion with you and only for you, we do not wait for anyone and depend on no one except you;
    6. If you did not find what you were looking for on our website - call or email us. We will certainly help;
    7. We work for you every day, all the year round.

    What is NOT included in an offer

    The cost of the trip does not include payment for food and recreational fees.

    What should a client bring

    In advance of the excursion we will give our recommendations.