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    Rafting in the Krasnodar Territory

    Basic details

    Place: Mezmay village, Russia,

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    • Rafting in the Krasnodar Territory
    • Rafting in the Krasnodar Territory
    • Rafting in the Krasnodar Territory
    • Rafting in the Krasnodar Territory
    • Rafting in the Krasnodar Territory

    What to expect

    Classics - the first experience

    The route begins in the area of ​​the glade "Boshtannikova". Right after the first turn there is a beautiful creek where you can swim and try your hand at turning the raft. After the next series of river turns you will find yourself in the village of Dakhovskaya, where the instructor will tell a lot of interesting stories about the way of life and culture of local Cossacks. At the exit from the village, you will be faced with a simple obstacle - the threshold of the "Dahov barrel" of the 1st category of complexity. Then another surprise is the merging of the rivers "dah" and "white" where you can enjoy a simultaneous bathing in cold and warm water (in summer "dah" warms up to 30 degrees, and "white" above 12 does not rise).

    The duration of the route is 1-1.5 hours.

    The length of 10 km.

    The itinerary is recommended for children's groups and people who do not have experience in rafting.

    Classic + Granite canyon

    The start of the route is located in one of the most beautiful places of the mountain Adygea - Granite canyon of the White River. High cliffs, grottoes and magnificent transparency of the river will for a long time remain in the memory of those who chose this route. You also expect a series of interesting clamps, beautiful sandy beaches and the longest suspension bridge in the area. In the final part, this route completely repeats the route "first experience".

    Duration of the route 1,5-2 h

    The length of 15 km.


    The route is located in the upper reaches of the Belaya River, near the village of Guzeripl. The start of the route is not far from the Enektur camp site. Throughout the route the route is rich with numerous shivers, clamps, reverse shafts, especially after passing the "goose ford" - the last place where the car can access the water. Immediately followed by a sharp turn of the river and the first threshold - "kissing the stone" 2 kat.sl Next, the threshold "theatrical" - a complex local obstacle, a narrow passage between a large stone and a granite slab. Then it will be necessary to moor and prepare to take the threshold of the "hatchet". For large water this obstacle is of average complexity, but if the water level is small, it seems that it is not possible to pass this threshold. The whole river is broken into small trickles and lost in the stones, but each instructor has his own little secret how to overcome this threshold! After the threshold, another local obstacle is the "tooth", a large stone in the center of the channel, a detour is possible both on the right and on the left. For a tooth 2 km and 4 shivers and you, tired and happy, find yourself at the finish.

    Duration of the route 40min-1,5h

    The length of 7km.

    Moscow Cask

    In addition to the route "extreme" you can try yourself on the obstacle 4 kat.sl.- "Moscow barrel." On the big water it is a tree with a height of 3-4, which can easily turn the raft. But thanks to a competent instructor you will easily pass it, and only a wave of unique sensations will overwhelm you with a head.

    The duration of the route is 20 - 30 min.

    The length of 3 km.

    Seregin Canyon

    The program of the tour (tour "Seregin Canyon" 6 hours). The trip to the route is consistent with the instructor, but recommended in the early morning. In the first 1,5-2 hours you will have a fascinating journey on off-road vehicles. On them we will rise to a height of 1500 meters and descend into the valley of the river "Armenianka". There, behind a steep turn of the road begins the pedestrian part of the route. 20 minutes through the wild forest and we will go out on the path, which will take another 3 hours and cross two powerful streams-the right tributaries of the Belaya River. Here 10 km above the village of Guzeripl and there is a start of the water part of the route. After a small snack, pump up the raft and start the alloy

    Seregin Canyon itself is a unique obstacle, in some places the width of the canyon slightly exceeds the width of the raft, and a series of powerful clamps does not allow to relax.

    But he is valuable not by this, but by his untouched beauty, magnificent grottoes and stunning waterfalls. The only way to get to the canyon is to raft it. From above access to it is difficult, and on the large part of the length is actually impossible. But comments are superfluous, it is worth trying.

    The end of the route is in the village Guzeripl. At the start of the route "extreme".

    On the route are accepted tourists with experience of rafting on the route "extreme"

    All the pedestrian part of the route personal equipment (life jacket, helmet and paddle) tourists carry themselves.

    What is included in an offer

    At the time of rafting (rafting on the river), each tourist is provided with special personal equipment: a wet suit (when cool), neoprene boots, a helmet, a life jacket and an oar.

    What should a client bring

    Special training for holidaymakers to participate in rafting (rafting) on ​​the "classic" is not required.

    It is desirable to have a bathing suit, a towel, comfortable sports shoes, which can be soaked in water and a sunblock.