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    Bicycle tours in Sochi

    Basic details

    Place: Sochi, Russia, Курортный проспект, 92/5

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    • Bicycle tours in Sochi
    • Bicycle tours in Sochi
    • Bicycle tours in Sochi
    • Bicycle tours in Sochi
    • Bicycle tours in Sochi
    • Bicycle tours in Sochi
    • Bicycle tours in Sochi

    What to expect

    The description of the routes indicates the degree of difficulty on a 5-point scale

    (1-for beginners, 5-hardcore)

    • complexity: 1
    • length: 14 km
    • Height difference: 250 m
    • time of passage: 3 h
    The valley of the Matsesta River is a unique place. The river is best known for its mineral hydrosulphuric springs. But this is also the northernmost place of growing tea. One of the scenic routes that do not require high physical training passes along the Matsesta Valley.

    The route starts not far from Izmailovka village. The launching point is located on a small plateau where the geodetic point is located.

    High-speed descent from Mount Ahun
    • complexity: requires care on the descent
    • length: 11 km
    • difference of heights: 645 m
    • travel time: descent about 20 minutes
    Descent from Mount Akhun is very fast! Forget about what you need to pedal! Only not here! Descent from Mount Akhun is 11 kilometers of flat asphalt with a height difference of 645 meters. Descent from Mount Akhun is 20 minutes of a crazy race, this is a speed of 75 km / h! Beware of insects, we descend from Ahuna! The route can start from the hotel "Sputnik" with a set of all 645 meters on a bicycle. Or with a throw to the top on a minibus, you can not just once. Bakery-Kalinovoe-Lake
    • complexity: 1
    • length: 18 km
    • difference of heights: 215 m
    • time of passage: 4 h

    Unloaded at the monument to the defenders of the motherland who were lost. We bite the growing blackberry and go! In the background, Mount Akhun.

    • Mileage on bicycles: 18 km
    • Vertical drop: 215 m
    • Travel time: 4 hours

    Depending on the season, along the way you can refresh yourself: cherry, cherry, cherry plum, blackberries, apples, peaches and other joys :)

    A lot more interesting is ahead! Ride with us!