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    Tour to Survival in Karelia

    Basic details

    Place: Russia,
    Duration: 5 days

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    • Tour to Survival in Karelia
    • Tour to Survival in Karelia
    • Tour to Survival in Karelia

    What to expect

    In this Journey you will receive a basic knowledge of survival in extreme situations in the Wildlife environment, which you can get by accidentally and consciously. The Travel program is designed to teach you the most skills and techniques of survival, concentrating on the most important of them. The purpose of Travel is to gain self-confidence, to gain a sense of self-sufficiency in the wild.

    Course lead time: Classes are held at any time of the year in all weather conditions.

    Place of the course: *

    • the Republic of Karelia. In Karelia we are equipping our camp on Mount Vottovaara, famous for its ancient Samaam seid.
    • Duration of the course:

    5 days. Required experience: Preliminary experience in the field of survival is not required. Instructors: With you constantly is one of our experienced instructors, many of whom in the past are officers of the Airborne Troops of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Group members: From 3 to 6 participants. On the first day we are engaged in choosing a place for the camp, which will serve as a base for further studies. We carry out all the work on his oubstrojstvom without using special tools. That is, we teach our participants to manage in nature without matches, ax, rope, etc. The following days are devoted to working out the skills of orienting on the terrain, mastering the basics of rock climbing and working with a rope. The last two days of the course include walking to the place where you finish the course, during which you will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in practice - independently plan a route through an unfamiliar area, choose and arrange a place for spending the night, getting fire, finding water. Our task : to teach you the basic skills of survival, and not just to show them to you!

    In the course of the course you will learn:

    • build a shelter that will protect you from cold, rain and wind;
    • to obtain fire in various ways;
    • store fuel for a fire without the help of an ax and saw;
    • provide a camp life;
    • extract and filter water;
    • weave ropes and knit special knots;
    • to make mats;
    • to identify edible and inedible plants;
    • work with a topographic map;
    • orient yourself on the terrain;
    • independently draw up a map of the area;
    • Without insurance, go down and climb along the steep and steep slopes;
    • to give distress signals.

    When teaching each new skill you will have time to apply the knowledge gained in practice.

    You can pass this course individually or together with your family and friends.