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    Flight on a parachute in the Saratov region

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    Place: village Voskresenskoye, Russia,

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    • Flight on a parachute in the Saratov region
    • Flight on a parachute in the Saratov region
    • Flight on a parachute in the Saratov region
    • Flight on a parachute in the Saratov region

    What to expect

    Who among us at least once in my life did not dream of becoming a bird? To feel the inexpressible delight and happiness, being in the sky in free flight, to feel the wind against the wind to see our world in a new key? Any person will give a lot for the opportunity to break away from the earth.

    Fans of traveling repeatedly experienced the rapture, coupled with fear, climbing into the sky on a large airplane. However, this feeling is incomparable with a real flight. Fortunately, today everyone has the opportunity to fly like a bird. This pleasure gives a parachute.

    The motor-paraplane is actually a paraglider with a motor, it is a comfortable and, importantly, compact seat with a small motor attached to it. In the people paramotor is called "carlson" because of the similarity with the cartoon character. A significant advantage of paramotors is their lack of rigor at the start. If the use of conventional paragliders is possible only in high altitude conditions in order to have a place for dispersal, the takeoff ramp for the paramotor is limited only by the size of your feet. In addition, take-off is carried out smoothly and accurately, as well as landing. These advantages make it possible to use the motor paraplan in crowded places. The developed speed of paramotors does not exceed 40 kilometers per hour. As a rule, more is needed to experience the joy of a real flight, and it is not required. The paraglider is an absolutely safe means of transportation. Planting, as already noted above, is carried out smoothly and accurately. If an unforeseen situation occurs during the flight, the paraglider becomes a parachute and allows you to descend to the ground just as neatly.

    Today, the motor paraplan helps to discover a new look at the familiar old. Flights on the paramotor allow you to see the world in a new way. Due to the convenience of maneuvering on the paraglider, you can view the object of interest from a bird's-eye view, and if desired - as close to the ground as possible, barely touching it with a shoe.

    Paramotor is a very common means of transportation in many countries. Therefore, if you are offered to fly on a paraglider during the trip, be sure to agree. You will get a lot of positive emotions, you will experience real happiness from the feeling of free flight.