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    Flight in a hot air balloon in the Saratov region

    Basic details

    Place: Petrovsk, Russia,
    Duration: 1 hour

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    • Flight in a hot air balloon in the Saratov region

    What to expect


    • Meeting with aeronauts
    • Preparation of an aerostat for flight, briefing;
    • Free flight - from 30 minutes to one hour (the pilot has the right to decide on early termination of the flight for the safety of passengers);
    • Landing, initiation into balloonists;
    • Presentation of a memorable certificate


    • flights are in the city of Petrovsk (100 km from Saratov, 1.5 hours of travel)
    • the client independently gets to the place of conducting flights
    • for additional. fee you can book a transfer to the place of conducting flights and back (check with the operators)
    • the certificate is calculated on one (besides you in a basket of a balloon there will be 3 more passengers and the pilot)
    • the total duration of the program is about 4 hours
    • flights are conducted from May to October at daylight hours
    • date you choose from the list proposed by the operator
    • The flight may be postponed due to weather conditions for the safety of customers
    • age of participants older than 10 years
    • the total weight of participants under the certificate should not exceed 100 kg
    • In the event of force majeure circumstances, an additional can be maintained. costs
    • persons who are in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication are not allowed to fly
    • there are restrictions for health reasons, consult an expert
    • the waiting time for the flight also depends on the basket's completeness (but not more than 1 month)