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    Flying on a trike in Samara

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    Place: Samara, Russia,

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    • Flying on a trike in Samara
    • Flying on a trike in Samara
    • Flying on a trike in Samara
    • Flying on a trike in Samara

    What to expect

    One of the safest flying machines is the delta-plane. Even if the engine fails, the pilot will make a regular soft landing. So, without fear and fear, feel free to fly.

    Of course, many may object, saying that the same emotions can be experienced by looking at the passenger ship's porthole! Definitely NO. It's one thing to sit in a comfortable lounge chair, and quite another - to breathe fresh air and realize the feeling of incredible freedom and lightness of your body. Absence of a cabin and glasses will allow to admire beauty of the nature without any obstacles and obstacles. There are strong impressions from the flight, the feeling of air elasticity, the wind in the face, the space below, the delight of unity with the surrounding air environment.

    A flight on a delta-plane will be an excellent gift for any event. He will be appreciated, as fans of extreme, and romantic nature. And it's an excellent opportunity to get out with a good company out of town and have a great time at the Bobrovka airfield!