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    Tour "Discover Zhigulevskoe"

    Basic details

    Place: Samara, Russia, Самарская улица, 51
    Duration: 2,5 hours

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    • Tour "Discover Zhigulevskoe"
    • Tour "Discover Zhigulevskoe"
    • Tour "Discover Zhigulevskoe"

    What to expect

    • Subjects: excursion-tasting, historical, author's (developed by "Samaraintur")
    • Excursion type: city
    • Audience: adults, students
    • Duration: 1,5 hours
    • Max group: 30

    During the excursion-tasting you will learn the history of brewing from ancient times, the history of the birth of the most famous brand of beer in Russia - "Zhigulevskoe", why it was in Samara, the hereditary brewer from Austria, Alfred von Wakano, created the largest brewery. Try to taste for 100 g. 5 varieties of beer: "Zhigulevskoe", "Samara", "Old Samara", "Von Wakano Bright" and "Von Wakano" dark ". Hear interesting facts and funny stories about beer and its benefits.

    Venue: "Old Apartment" restaurant

    Time: from 10.00 to 12.00; from 15.00 to 17.00 (other times on request)