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    Horseback riding in Pskov

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    Place: Pskov, Russia,

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    • Kids (0-8 years)
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    • Horseback riding in Pskov
    • Horseback riding in Pskov
    • Horseback riding in Pskov

    What to expect

    The benefits of riding are told and written a lot. But, unlike the usual sports activities, such as jogging, fitness, aerobics, swimming, etc., horse riding has always been and remains an inaccessible and expensive sport. Elite. Meanwhile, for a woman who wants to lose weight, adjust posture or even gait, there is hardly anything more effective than walking in the saddle. How it works?

    The fact is that during riding, virtually all muscle groups of the rider are involved. This is because it is necessary to constantly keep balance and balance in response to the movements of the horse. As a result, the muscles of the abdomen, back, buttocks and legs have a rather large load - that is, the most problematic parts of the body. And since the movements of the horse are rhythmic, the load on the muscles is evenly distributed and dosed. The phase of tension alternates with the phase of relaxation, which contributes to the rapid burning of fatty deposits. In addition, to stay in the saddle and not fall forward, you need to keep the perfect posture. Especially for women

    Being in the saddle, the rider is not rigidly fixed in him, and therefore, in order not to fall, he is forced to constantly strain the internal muscles of the thighs (in normal physical exercises these muscles, as a rule, are not involved at all), as though clasping the horse's legs along the sides. This increases the flow of blood to the pelvic organs and allows you to get rid of many "female" diseases or prevent them. In addition, improving blood circulation in the buttocks, hips and legs helps to quickly get rid of cellulite. Hippotherapy is an effective way to recover The consequences of injuries, surgery, etc., almost always impose severe restrictions on sports. In the case of horseback riding, the opposite is true. Hippotherapy is a great way to restore the body. The burden on the heart and joints is practically absent, and the metabolism as a result of such exercises improves by 20 percent. Therefore, even those who most of the traditional sports are contraindicated can ride a horse. Thus, doing horse riding, with minimal loads on the body can achieve good results: reduce weight, make the muscles elastic, and the back straight.

    What is NOT included in an offer

    With you - a photographer (in case you order a photo session)

    What should a client bring

    If you decide to try horse riding, then you should think about what to bring with you to class. The following ideas will help you:

    • It is advisable to have removable clothes for riding lessons, as horses are dirty. (basically it is a wool and a specific smell). With regular classes, it is possible to leave things in the locker room.
    • Clothes and shoes should be comfortable and not restrict movements.
    • The best shoes are high-heeled boots, with the ability to fill their pants. Sneakers and shoes with absolutely flat soles are not suitable for riding.
    • The best pants are closely fitting breeches or tights. Jeans very fetter movements and the seam canstretch the leg against the saddle. Outerwear is sporty and comfortable.
    • In winter, it is necessary to have gloves (not mittens!). In winter, dress very warmly, remember that the frost is still palpable.

    In regular classes it is recommended to purchase the following professional equipment for the rider:

    • protective helmet (jockey)
    • riding breeches
    • boots
    • leggings
    • riding gloves