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    Jump from the bridge with a rope. Permian

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    Place: Permian, Russia,

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    • Jump from the bridge with a rope. Permian
    • Jump from the bridge with a rope. Permian
    • Jump from the bridge with a rope. Permian
    • Jump from the bridge with a rope. Permian
    • Jump from the bridge with a rope. Permian

    What to expect

    Why and why do we jump?

    It's simple: We like it! Ropdzhumping is the safest and the sea-giving kind of jumps, which you can practice almost everywhere. And since we promote a healthy and active lifestyle, we also offer you to experience what makes us smile and enjoy the new day. You can not put off your life for tomorrow, you need to get everything from her today. It is difficult to be confident when you do not know how to overcome fear. Decide to jump, overcome the fear of heights, and already downstairs to say to yourself: "Yes, I did it!" - should everyone who wants to live truly!

    SECURITY Never try to organize jumps yourself, trust your life only to professional teams. On jumping safety is determined by: - quality of equipment; - knowledge and training of the organizers; - well-organized mutual work of the organizers. What WE DO for YOUR safety ?: - We always use full duplication of all safety systems. The hitch system consists of two circuits (main and safety), each of which individually can withstand all the loads that arise during the jump. Therefore, if one of the systems fails, the second one always works. In addition, the strength of each element of the hinge system (ropes, carbines, straps, etc.) repeatedly exceeds the forces applied to it. For example, carbines can withstand 4 tons per break, ropes - 3 tons. - We use only certified equipment of the best manufacturers, meeting the world standards of quality and reliability. - We check the equipment for defects after each day of use and make regular replacement of worn out items. - We necessarily make the first jumps of ourselves, checking our work in action, only then the others jump. - We carry out a multiple check of the hitching system (check at least 2 instructors) before each jump. - We reserve the right not to allow anyone to jump, without explaining the reasons. - We guarantee the strength of the rope system and the safety of the flight trajectory, but only you are able to assess your health condition acceptable for the jump. A list of medical contraindications is available below.