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    Skydiving in Orsk

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    Place: Orsk, Russia,

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    • Skydiving in Orsk
    • Skydiving in Orsk
    • Skydiving in Orsk
    • Skydiving in Orsk
    • Skydiving in Orsk
    • Skydiving in Orsk
    • Skydiving in Orsk

    What to expect

    Who at least once in his life has experienced all this, can not remain indifferent. The first - the strongest feeling - will not leave you for a long time. At least until you are back on the airplane with a parachute behind your back.

    If you have not yet made your first jump, but want to do it, do not postpone the decision "for later". When you wake up in the morning on a day off, come to the airport and give yourself the sky!

    With what do the pioneers jump?

    Primordial people use for round skydiving round amphibious domes. Parachutes were developed in the calculation of the mass application and protection of the skydiver from his own mistakes.

    So, you decided to jump with a parachute. What is needed for this?

    Choose the right clothes and shoes.

    In winter, choose for yourself a warm, but light clothing without a hood with a closed back. Take gloves that do not fetter the movements of your fingers. Shoes (felt boots) are provided at the aerodrome, as well as the headdress. In the summer for jumping clothes for a hike into the forest will approach: unmarket, with a long sleeve. Be sure to wear trousers, not shorts or breeches. Shoes - sneakers, boots, dense boots without hook-lacing on a thick sole and low heel (or without it). Headgear is issued at the club. It is also possible to provide military camouflage, boots.

    Take care of food.

    When going to the airport, be prepared for the fact that training, briefing, passing a medical commission and making a jump will take a lot of time, so do not forget to bring food and drink.

    Take off all that is superfluous.

    Rings, chains, bracelets, earrings that you do not want to lose, it is better to leave at home right away.

    At the aerodrome, it is forbidden:

    • to drink alcoholic beverages;
    • go into the taxiway zone;
    • go into the zone of the runway;
    • to enter the territory of the airport by private transport (for guests parking is provided);
    • viewers and sympathizers are strictly forbidden to interfere with the conduct of briefing and other, mandatory before the jump activities.