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    Play laser tag in Orenburg

    Basic details

    Place: Orenburg, Russia, Шоссейная улица, 40

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    • Play laser tag in Orenburg
    • Play laser tag in Orenburg
    • Play laser tag in Orenburg
    • Play laser tag in Orenburg

    What to expect

    The player's outfit consists of two parts:

    1. The weight of the overall model of the present weapon with the built-in electronics (in our club the models of Kalashnikov assault rifles are used)

    2. A bandage with sensors on the head, which fixes all hits with imitation of shock, also fixes shots that do not hit the target (the sound is heard past the passing bullet)

    In the laser tag, as in any such game (paintball, airsoft), the maximum realistic combat is achieved:

    • the range of the shot is 200-300 meters and practically unlimited territory for the game
    • loud and real sounds of a shot / a bullet flying past
    • imitation of a fire shot
    • 30 cartridges in a holder with the possibility of recharging
    • real appearance of the mock weapons - Kalashnikov assault rifles
    • need for precise aiming
    • the impossibility of fraud and the absence of disputes "got - did not hit"

    Other features of the game:

    • There is a huge number of different scenarios that are implemented electronically.
    • It does not hurt, which allows children and girls to play. Infrared rays are harmless (no goggles are required).
    • There is no need for additional protection (it is possible to play in everyday clothes), which makes the game more convenient.
    • There is an opportunity to get full statistics after the game (who how many impressed and other parameters)
    • Lasertag was originally developed for the training of special-purpose fighters, in this way the special units of different countries train to this day (Russia in particular).

    Minimum order of 6 sets of equipment for 2 hours!

    The price of one set means that during the game you can transfer equipment to a non-playing person.

    For example: You play with 40 people. Ten sets of equipment were rented for 4 hours. The first hour was played by 10 people, the next 10 people play the next hour, etc.