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    Ride horses in Orenburg

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    Place: Orenburg, Russia, Загородное шоссе, 1

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    • Ride horses in Orenburg
    • Ride horses in Orenburg
    • Ride horses in Orenburg
    • Ride horses in Orenburg
    • Ride horses in Orenburg
    • Ride horses in Orenburg

    What to expect

    Horseback riding

    Horse riding is available to everyone, because we pay a lot of attention not only to children, but also to adults who have never before engaged in horse riding and did not even think about equestrian sport.

    We will teach you to stay in the saddle so that you feel comfortable riding on horseback, because it does not necessarily have to be an athlete.

    Our coaches will make you great riders. Anyone who wants to continue studies at a higher level can improve in jumping (overcoming the obstacles). If you are interested in riding seriously, we will make you a real athlete. We will prepare for participation in competitions and obtaining qualifications.

    For those who ride is not a sport, but more a lesson for the soul, we will show (and if we will teach) to handle the horse, like no one. We teach different kinds of alternative equestrian sports, where the main task is to enjoy riding and talking with the horse, relieve stress and stress, complete relaxation.

    Horse riding

    Horseback riding along the forest and across the field is a great opportunity to diversify family vacation, actively relax with friends and colleagues, make your second half an unforgettable surprise and rest.

    Horse riding is held outside the club on horseback, you are given the opportunity to communicate with these kind, noble animals in an open area, along a forest belt and a large open field.

    Photoshoots with horses

    We can organize an unforgettable photo session with our pets, which will be remembered for many years to come. You can buy a gift certificate for a photo session in our club, it's an excellent gift to yourself and your friends!

    Photographer - Evgeniy Bezletov

    Romantic horse riding for two The duration of the walk is 1 hour It is held outside the territory of the equestrian club Markov and K "HARMONY", along the forest belt and fields. Equestrian walk can be accompanied by a photo shoot is paid an additional 1000 rubles. Photos are processed and sent to e-mail the number of photos about 60 pieces. The waiting time for photos is 2-3 days. Horse riding is accompanied by an experienced and polite instructor who will help you and tell you the basics of horse management. A romantic horse ride is a wonderful variant of an original gift for a couple on any holiday (birthday, new year, wedding day, anniversary, March 8, the day of all lovers) can be issued in the form of a gift certificate.