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    Place: Novosibirsk, Russia, проспект Карла Маркса, 24
    Duration: 5 days

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    What is included in an offer

    Daily Cruise Program

    1 day:


    For nonresident tourists: Meeting at the airport. Excursion around the city of Novosibirsk with a visit to the museum. Free time. Transfer to the city of Berdsk (25 km). Landing on the motor ship REMIX.

    For residents of Novosibirsk: Transfer to Berdsk from; Novosibirsk railway station at 16:00 (for those who wish). Landing on the motor ship REMIX.

    Departure of the ship at 19:00. Supper on board.

    Berdsk is located on the right bank of the Berdsky Gulf. Berdsk before the filling of the Novosibirsk reservoir was located on the Ob (before turning from the reservoir to the current Berdsky Gulf), and now completely transferred to a new location. Until recently, the mighty Siberian taiga was buzzing, and now a new major scientific center of the country was built.

    The Ob flows through the territory of the Novosibirsk region. Moving to the south along the reservoir, beautiful beaches appear, the shore is especially beautiful on the left hand, to which the forest tracts are close.

    Day 2:


    The width of the Novosibirsk reservoir reaches 20-25 km. In autumn, serious storms up to 8 points are played out at the reservoir, and the height of the wave is more than a meter. For safety of navigation in conditions of stormy weather on a line of a water basin there are 3 ports-shelters.

    The city of Kamen on the Ob is located in the north-west of the Altai Territory in the forest area of ​​the Oblast. On the opposite bank of the river there is a unique ribbon boron.

    The embankment of the Ob River is the first thing to see when you come to Kamen-na-Ob. The most beautiful on the waterfront is the Ob river. Embankment of the Stone is a collection of symbols of the city. There is a monument, railway bridges, and a memorable sign - an anchor in honor of awarding the status of the city to the Stone.

    Railway bridges across the Ob River are one of the symbols of Stone-on-Ob. Bridges are almost close to each other. The Church of the Epiphany in the Epiphany Monastery was founded in the second half of the XIX century. The brick temple in the Russian-Byzantine style was consecrated in 1902. The octagonal volume of the church was crowned with a light 12 dome and a small refectory was connected to the bell tower. It is a monument of cult architecture of the beginning of the XX century, a monument of the history of the city of Kamen on the Ob River.

    Excursion around the city with a visit to the Kamien Local History Museum, located in the House of merchant Vinokourov.

    Day 3:


    Barnaul is one of the oldest cities in Western Siberia. Its appearance was preceded by the discovery of rich copper ore deposits in the foothills of the Altai and the construction of the first Russian copper smelting plant in the local places - Kolyvan-Voskresensky.

    The term "mountain city" is natural: all spheres of Barnaul's life were subordinated to mining. The Russian history knows only two "mountain towns" - Yekaterinburg and Barnaul.

    The city is located on the high left bank of the Ob River near the confluence of the steppe small river Barnaulka. Along it stretches a beautiful pine forest, one of those hogs that grow in sandy hollows - valleys of ancient rivers and cross Kulundu five strips from the north-east to south-west. Such burs are called banded.

    The most famous natural landmark of the city is the Barnaul ribbon boron. This strip has a length of more than 500 km and has no analogues throughout the world. Today it is one of the monuments of nature. Barnaul ribbon boron approaches the Ob.

    Great tour of Barnaul. Free time.

    Day 4:


    Downstream after Barnaul, the Ob becomes wider and deeper, but there are still shoals and ruts.

    On this day we are waiting for 2 magnificent green parking in Abrashino and Zayavyalovo for rest on the shores of the Ob Sea, swimming, acquaintance with the wonderful nature and "Farewell bonfire".

    The Zayavyalovo Pier is located on the right bank of the Ob River, in a very picturesque beautiful bay, surrounded on all sides by a thick pine forest. This is a great place for rest and fishing.

    Day 5:


    Arrival of the ship to Berdsk at 05:00. Breakfast on board. Disembarkation from the ship.

    Transfer to Novosibirsk (Railway station and Airport).

    For continuing cruise to the Arctic Circle in Salekhard - a ticket to rest in the Park REMIX (swimming pools, sunbeds, attractions, etc.)

    The cost of the trip includes:
    • Cruise aboard the ship REMIX 5 days;
    • Meals on board: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon tea with sweets, Dinner;
    • Excursion program and entrance tickets to museums;
    • Transfers;
    • Insurance covering the costs of emergency evacuation (including helicopter) in case of emergency medical assistance;
    • Port charges.
    How food is organized aboard the REMIX motor ship:
    • BREAKFAST: A large selection of cold snacks, juices, a hot dish for a choice of 20 menus, tea, coffee.
    • LUNCH: Appetizer / salad, soup, main course (3-course choice), dessert, water, mors or compote, tea, coffee.
    • AFTER-TEA TEA: sweets or pie, tea.
    • DINNER: Cold snack, Hot appetizer or salad, main course (3-course choice), dessert, water, fruit juice or compote, tea, coffee.

    During the day, the menu offers a dish of: fish, beef, pork, poultry, vegetarian and chopped meat.

    Passengers cabins ROYAL APARTMENT and GRAND SUITE can book breakfast in the cabin.

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant "Black Pearl" and the Pirate Bar. During the cruise restaurants change.

    What is NOT included in an offer

    Additional paid:
    • Flight or train travel;
    • Insurance "from not leaving" - 2% (highly recommended);
    • Personal expenses.