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    Multinsky round-the-world tour - a walking tour through the Multinsky Lakes

    Basic details

    Place: Novosibirsk, Russia,
    Duration: 14 days

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    • Multinsky round-the-world tour - a walking tour through the Multinsky Lakes
    • Multinsky round-the-world tour - a walking tour through the Multinsky Lakes
    • Multinsky round-the-world tour - a walking tour through the Multinsky Lakes

    What to expect

    Author's tour of the corners of the Altai Mountains. The tour is conducted by Natalia Lalova - an experienced traveler, a qualified tourist instructor, creator of the Travel Club. Multinsky lakes are a cascade of lakes in the north of the Katunsky ridge in the Ust-Koksinsky district of the Altai Mountains.

    What is included in an offer

    Day 1.

    Collection of participants in the hike in Novosibirsk. Transfer to the starting point in a comfortable bus. The road is long, but very picturesque - mountains, alpine meadows, free horses, beautiful rivers. At night we come to the base, we rest from the road, we gain strength.

    Day 2.

    Visit to the unique museum, Valery Lipenkov's own project - the Museum of the Sun. All sorts of faces and forms of the Daylight in various cultures of the planet are gathered in one place. Transfer to the village of Upper Uimon. We will get acquainted with the secrets and legends of the Uimon Valley, and spend the night in the houses in the tourist center.

    Day 3.

    Transfer to the foothills of the Great Altai Mountains. From this day we completely immerse ourselves in marching romance - and we feel like real travelers! Now we will sleep only in tents, cook food at the stake and meet dawns in the mountains. We'll have an evening at the campfire, cook a delicious dinner, we'll tell stories and sing songs.

    Day 4.

    A radial foray into the Nine Lakes. Throughout the route we will meet the beautiful and very diverse lakes of Altai. Big and small, blue and turquoise, but all are amazingly beautiful. Armed with cameras, unparalleled photos will be provided! In the evening we return to our camp.

    Day 5.

    We continue our march to the Multinsky Lakes, we are heading for the Lower Lake. We leave a part of things there and move light further, to Katunsky Reserve. To visit the protected areas, we issue a group pass. We go to the junction of the Lower and Middle Lakes. Let's make a stop on the Noise - amazing rolls of a mountain river connecting the lakes. The surrounding landscapes are stunningly beautiful! In the evening we set up a camp on the shore

    Day 6.

    Radial access to the Upper and Transverse Lakes located at the foothills of the Katun Ridge. From here you can clearly see the Belukha Mountain - the highest peak of the Altai Mountains, 4506 m high In the evening we return to the parking lot

    Day 7.

    We return to the Lower Nile lake for things. Today we will reach the river Kuiguk and stay overnight on its shore.

    Day 8.

    We go to the lake Kuiguk. We get acquainted with the Kuiguk waterfalls.

    Day 9.

    Today we have to overcome the mountain pass Kuiguk, category 1A (2520m). In the evening we will reach Lake Akchan

    Day 10.

    Radial ascent to Mount Kolban (3118 meters). From here we will have a beautiful view of the whole region, and if we are lucky, we will see the great Belukha.

    Day 11-12.

    Walking along the river Akchan. Beautiful air, the scent of the forest, the purest water. We are surrounded by taiga and mountains, and in the sky are visible myriads of stars

    Day 13

    We return to civilization. We go to a comfortable base, relax after a trip. Hot bath after a many days trip - it's very cool! In the evening we leave home.

    Day 14.

    Return to Novosibirsk.

    The cost of the tour includes:

    - all transfers on the route;

    - Visiting museums - the Sun and ethnographic

    - Equipment for the group (tents, campfire equipment)

    - bathhouse once;

    - Overnight at the hostel before the start of the route;

    - full three meals a day on the route;

    - accompaniment of an experienced guide with qualifications;

    - a trip on the ATV (day 3)

    - medical insurance;

    - first-aid kit for the group (necessary medicines).

    What is NOT included in an offer

    - the road from Novosibirsk to Ust-Koksy and back (about 3500 rubles one way) - meals at roadside cafes; - rent of personal equipment.

    What should a client bring

    Hike of average complexity. Required marching experience. With good physical training, newcomers are able to do without experience.