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    Photo tour to the lakes of Gorny Altai: Darashkol

    Basic details

    Place: Novosibirsk, Russia, Советская улица, 65
    Duration: 10 days

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    • Photo tour to the lakes of Gorny Altai: Darashkol
    • Photo tour to the lakes of Gorny Altai: Darashkol
    • Photo tour to the lakes of Gorny Altai: Darashkol
    • Photo tour to the lakes of Gorny Altai: Darashkol
    • Photo tour to the lakes of Gorny Altai: Darashkol
    • Photo tour to the lakes of Gorny Altai: Darashkol
    • Photo tour to the lakes of Gorny Altai: Darashkol

    What to expect

    Darashkol is located at an altitude of 2200 m in the Katunsky Range. We will not limit ourselves to visiting one lake. You will also see the extraordinary Kucherlinsky lake, the colored lakes - Green and Blue and anonymous high mountain lake with a waterfall. Everyone who was on Darashkol, especially admire its sunsets and dawns.


    Day 0 Novosibirsk - Ust-Cox Departure from Novosibirsk at 19.00. Departure address - st. Soviet, 65, from Barnaul at 23.50 from the hotel Central. We go by bus or minibus, depending on the number of participants. Meals on the road at own expense, mileage is 825 km.

    Day 1 of Ust-Cox On the Chuysky tract through the Kanskaya steppe we leave for the Uimon valley. In Ust-Koks we are located at a tourist complex in tents. Receiving equipment and briefing. Acquaintance and dinner.

    Day 2 Departure to Tungur, climb along the river. Kucherla We leave Ust-Koksy at 8.00, in Tungur at once we leave on the route. Today it goes along the river Kucherla. In her water is milky white due to the limestone that is washed away from the slopes of Belukha. The river is very turbulent, clamped in a fairly narrow channel, overcomes many barriers in its path and consists entirely of rapids. On the way we will examine the rock paintings in the rock grotto of Kuilu. The walking distance is 20 km.

    Day 3 Kucherlinskoe lake The lake is more than 5 km long and 900 m wide. The Kucherly valley is a huge lake region. There are about 40 large and small lakes of different origin. Kucherlinsky is the largest. The walking distance is 18 km.

    Day 4 Colored lakes Along the shore of the Kucherlinsky Lake we will go out to the Colored Lakes - Blue and Green. Today we will pass 15 km.

    Day 5 Lake Darashkol At the beginning of the road, we have a wide crossing. On the rise to the lake, a cascade of waterfalls rustles. Our path today is not long, only 6 km.

    Day 6 The Nemytsky Glacier Today we will make a radial trek to the Nemytsky glacier. There is a wonderful view for the shooting of the Western Belukha, passes and glaciers. The pass and the Kapchalsky glacier are also seen. The length of the crossing is 8 km.

    Day 7 Transition from Darashkol to Kucherlinskoe Lake We return the same way as we ascended to Darashkol. The kilometrage is 8 km.

    Day 8 Descent along Kucherly We will go along its left bank to have a possibility of a radial exit to an unnamed high mountain lake and a waterfall. The passage is 18 km.

    Day 9 Photo tour to the lakes near the bridge in the Elan tract ends. From there we will be taken by GAZ-36 and delivered to Tungur. Further we leave for Ust-Koksu. Walking 13 km.

    Day 10 Rest and departure home First of all, we give out equipment, then we use the remaining time at our discretion. You can visit museums in the village of Upper Uimon, ride horses or raft the river. Departure at 17.00.

    Additional Information A photo-tour requires good physical preparation. Children from 12 to 16 years only accompanied by their parents. The duration of the trip is 11 days, the active part is 8 days. Number of participants 5-15 people

    What should a client bring

    Documents, each tourist is required to have a valid identity document with a photocopy of the passport permit or a document to replace it (voucher sheet of oronization); it is recommended to yell with cooi an insert in the sleeping bag;

    personal outfit (down jacket or warm jacket waterproof clothing, raincoat jacket Pants, sneakers and slates (light caps, warm sports suits and gloves)