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    Yachting in Anapa

    Basic details

    Place: Anapa, Russia, Набережная улица, 3

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    • Yachting in Anapa
    • Yachting in Anapa
    • Yachting in Anapa
    • Yachting in Anapa
    • Yachting in Anapa
    • Yachting in Anapa
    • Yachting in Anapa
    • Yachting in Anapa
    • Yachting in Anapa

    What to expect


    Body dimensions: Length: 8 m, width 2.8 m, draft 1.45 m.

    The height of the mainmast: 10.5 m.

    Body material: Composite. Fiberglass. The case is double, reinforced.

    Kiel: fin, permanent, cast iron + composite.

    Sailing Arms: Three sails: Grotto, Genoa on spin, Spinnaker.

    Engine: Main: Honda, 10 hp Spare: Yamaha, 4 hp

    Passenger capacity: Daytime coastal cruises: Up to 12 people.

    Night cruises, long voyages: 6 berths.

    Comfort on the yacht "Hispaniola":

    On deck:

    • Sunbeds of white leather on the nose and stern,
    • Table,
    • Bathing ladder,
    • Sunshade,
    • Echo sounder (for successful fishing)
    • Acoustic system,
    • Wi - Fi Internet.

    Inside the yacht:

    1) The cabins:

    • Decoration of precious wood, tapestry, interior lighting.
    • Leather sofas,
    • The dining table,
    • Kitchen space: kitchen table, shelves, boxes, utensils and stuff.
    • Fridge,
    • Toilet, sink,
    • Gas stove,
    • Laptop, Wi-Fi,
    • Acoustic system,
    • Autonomous sockets 12 volts, 220 volts,
    • 3 separate berths.

    2) Separate bow cabin - bedroom:

    • Finishing: wood, tapestry, interior lighting,
    • 2 (3) combined sleeping places,
    • Bed linen, pillows, blankets.
    • Total number of berths: 5 (6).

    Safety on the yacht:

    • Cast iron keel completely excludes the possibility of tipping the yacht in any weather conditions.
    • Double reinforced case made of composite materials. Active automatic security system of the 21st century. Inside the yacht is always absolutely dry, cozy and warm in any weather.
    • Seaworthiness of the yacht "Hispaniola", its sailing arms, navigation equipment and communication systems allow you to perform on it not only coastal cruise travel. "Hispaniola" more than once went to the shores of Turkey, Greece and other Mediterranean countries. Such a vessel is quite capable of going on a round-the-world trip. This sharply distinguishes the "Hispaniola" among other yachts.

    Service on a yacht sailing yacht: "... It is unlikely that there is another such yacht for many and many miles around where you can so enjoy your time. We are happy! It was unforgettable ... "(from the logbook of reviews of passengers of the yacht" Hispaniola ")

    What is included in an offer

    - Fishing tackle and bait, inflatable swimming - bathing facilities. - Refrigerator, water, kitchen, stove, san knot, sockets 12 and 220 volts, utensils, blankets and stuff - use your health! - Wi-Fi internet on the yacht, - !!! GUITAR !!! - Vigilance and professionalism of the team.