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    ATV riding in Anapa

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    Place: Anapa, Russia, Таманская улица 100

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    • ATV riding in Anapa
    • ATV riding in Anapa
    • ATV riding in Anapa
    • ATV riding in Anapa
    • ATV riding in Anapa
    • ATV riding in Anapa
    • ATV riding in Anapa
    • ATV riding in Anapa

    What to expect

    Rent ATVs in Anapa is not something scarce. That's why we faced the task of "reviving" this type of service, so that our customers could see and feel something new, so that they were completely delighted with the impressions! But how to do that? Of course, from the point of view of the marketing move, we can write about the fact that our ATVs are always in good condition, that after each tour they undergo a thorough technical inspection. But this is no surprise. Now there are few organizations that would not follow their transport (although such, of course, there are). Therefore, our common solution was to more thoroughly explore the roads and surrounding areas in order to find the best, most picturesque and most extreme paths, while creating our own sightseeing routes.

    As a result, we were able to lay our own tracks that are designed for all tourists, from those who just want to enjoy the picturesque nature of our region, and ending with those who want to squeeze out all the power from our "muscular" ATVs, cutting through the extreme routes. Riding on ATVs along our routes is a safe, fascinating, memorable entertainment, thanks to which you will expand your horizons of travel.

    Many of us are asked the question: "What if I have never ridden an ATV?" It does not matter, since we all once did not know how to do this. Quad bike is one of the most easily operated modes of transport, if, of course, you do not want from it more, for example, extreme rest in Anapa . In this case, of course, you will need experience and certain skills that come with time. At the first stages our experienced instructors, they are guides and high-class mechanics in one person, will quickly teach how to tame this "iron horse". In 15-20 minutes you can realize your first ATV riding in ATV .

    Do not miss your chance for pleasure! It has never been more fascinating. After all, whatever one may say, our ATVs are not harmless "horses", which are treading at a speed of 15-20 km / h. You probably want something more, something faster, something ... yes there to say! We have everything to this entertainment you have never forgotten.

    Club "Quadro" gives you a unique opportunity to ride on the roads, or more precisely, off-road Anapa on quad bikes!