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    Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp

    Basic details

    Place: Russia, Кисловодск - Джилы-Су
    Duration: 7 days

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    • Kids (6-14 years)
    • OK
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp
    • Gily-Su hot springs. Mountain camp

    What to expect

    Thread route: Kislovodsk — Gily-Su tract, Emmanuel glade • Castles gorge, Sultan waterfalls, Emir, Shah, Kyzyl-Kol • Irakhit-syrt plateau • Sirkh mountain • German airfield, Glade of fungi • Glacier lake Mount Tuzluk — Kislovodsk.

    Travel dates for 2019 (7 days): June 16-22 June 23-29 July 07-13 July 14-20 August 11-17 August 18-24

    Day 1

    The town of Kislovodsk — the tract of Gil-Su — the glade of Emmanuel. 10:30 — group gathering at the Kislovodsk railway station (near the main entrance from the city). Transfer by mountain transport to the Gily-Su tract, to the Emmanuel glade (3.5 hours). Walking from the mountain transport to the camp site is about 1 km (15-20 minutes). On the way to the camp, walk along the wooden bridge across the river, then climb the hill (climb up about 30 meters), then follow the path along a flat, grassy meadow. The path is most convenient to overcome with a backpack on his shoulders. We know you, every third tourist asks if you can take a suitcase :)). Therefore, we immediately say that with luggage and travel bags to the parking lot, too, you can go!

    Well, welcome to the foot of Elbrus! The highest mountain of the Caucasus will be visible directly from our tents, and in the coming days we will take dozens of pictures on the background of this snow giant! Since we ended up in the country of narzans, today we will try real mineral narzan. Camp we will break on the glade of Emmanuel. During the whole trip, our tents will stand in one place. Parking is located at an altitude of 2550 m.

    Polyana Emmanuel is known as the place from which the first successful conquest of Elbrus began. In 1829, a scientific expedition was organized led by General George Emmanuel. About 30 people went to storm the summit, and the general himself watched them through a telescope from this glade. In our time, this place is called — the glade of Emmanuel. Now tourists who love to walk in picturesque surroundings have chosen the glade, or else they are planning to climb Elbrus from the north.

    Silver spring, Kalinov bridge, Kyzyl-Kol river canyon. Today we will take a walk in the picturesque surroundings: we will see a source with silver water and go down the Kalinov bridge to the canyon of the Kyzyl-Kol river. !!! It is curious that the source with silver water does not always work :))). It appears only in late June — early July. The active part of the route: 4.2 km, elevation difference 2550-2190-2550 m, duration 2-2.5 hours.

    Day 2

    The gorge of the Castles, waterfalls Sultan, Emir, Shah (Kara-Kaya-Su). On this day we go to admire the extraordinary nature of the Elbrus region! The Kala-Kulak beam (in our opinion, “The Gorge of Castles” ) will surprise us with quaint pointed pyramids in height with five-story houses. Once upon a time magma flowed and froze. Over time, nature has carved out fancy stone castles in it.

    Go ahead, to the waterfall walk! Sultan, Emir, Shah — these are all the names of the waterfalls that we will visit today. The calmest is the Emir Falls, the highest is the Sultan Falls, it falls to the ground from a height of 40 meters. And the most spectacular — waterfall Shah. He breaks out an incredibly powerful stream of rocks! And the rocks themselves in this place are a masterpiece of nature. If you look at a certain angle, the rocks begin to move and climb right before your eyes!

    Fans of water treatments, do not forget swimsuits! Today we will take narzan baths. Yes, yes, those with a mass of bubbles)))))). The active part of the route: 10.7 km, elevation difference of 2550-2200-2550 m, the duration of 6-7 hours.

    Day 3

    The Irakhit-syrt Plateau. The Irakhit-syrt Plateau is a true wonder of nature that has been created for millions of years. From the slopes of Elbrus glaciers broke off and passed along the plateau. Hot lava flows also flowed here. Now the plateau is covered with emerald green and bright colors. It is so nice to walk barefoot here, lie on the grass and photograph the snow-white peaks of the mountains through the flowers! On this walk, the handsome Elbrus opens to us from a new angle. Now it is even closer and even grander. It is from the Irakhit-syrt plateau that we make some of the most spectacular photos of Elbrus! The active part of the route: 9.8 km, elevation difference of 2550-2930 m, the duration of the transition 5-6 hours.

    Day 4

    Sirh Mountain Sirh is a real mystery mountain. Long ago, when there was not even Elbrus, Mount Sirh was the highest in the Caucasus. It was a center, a kind of Olympus, where people came to the holy holidays and held their rites and cults here. The cult of the god of the sun is associated with the Sirkh peak, ancient temples and rock paintings are found here. Nowadays, scientists say that the Sirh is one of the most energetically strong places in the Caucasus. If you are an ordinary tourist and religious rituals are not very close to you, then we will tell you a secret: INCREDIBLE views of Elbrus from the mountain ! Elbrus is right in front of us: a huge, snow-white, decorated with light clouds. It is curious that all our routes are visible from the top of Sirkh, and vooooooooon our camp stands below. For all this, you should definitely climb the Sirch! The active part of the route: 12.2 km, elevation difference of 2550-3098 m, the duration of the transition 5-6 hours.

    Day 5

    "German Airfield", "Stone Mushrooms". Going higher in the mountains for new impressions! Along the paths we will go along sharp rocks, stone moraines, and then we will go out onto a huge plateau. Imagine, in the mountains, a perfectly flat plateau! This unusual place was called the German Airfield. The Germans believed that here, on Elbrus, is one of the mysterious entrances to the other world. During World War II, planes landed on this plateau, the passengers of which were very similar to the Tibetan lamas. It was planned that it was here that the lamas were supposed to meditate, get in touch with the cosmos and predict the future. What did the lamas predict? Find out when we climb the plateau!

    Resting in Gil-Su, you will very soon realize that there are plenty of unusual places in the Elbrus region. One of them is very close — it is "Glade of mushrooms". For centuries, the wind and rain have been cutting the rock, which turned into fancy sculptures — stone mushrooms. Some mushrooms are very small, others have grown to two, three or even five meters in height! The photo session here turns out incredible)))). As it should be, mushrooms have a powerful energy and create a special zone around themselves. Often there are weather surprises here: it can rain everywhere, and above the mushrooms there is a blue sky and the sun is shining! The active part of the route: 11 km, elevation difference of 2550-3200 m, the duration of the transition 6-7 hours.

    Day 6

    Glacial lake Birdzhaly, Kalitsky peak Want to go where eagles fly and clouds are born? Then we go along the slope of Elbrus to the mountain lake! Stone moraines quickly replace each other and we see an unusual panorama: a lake of green and blue color, which even in summer is decorated with ice floes. The path to this transcendental sky is not easy, but it's worth it! The active part of the route: 16.8 km, elevation difference of 2550-3280 m, the duration of the transition 7-8 hours.

    Day 7

    Polyana Emmanuel — Mount Tuzluk — Kislovodsk. In the morning we gather camp and say goodbye to the Elbrus region. On the usual mountain transport we leave from the glade of Emmanuel. On the way we will make a stop near the Tuzluk mountain. This is another mysterious summit of the Elbrus region. From a distance, it resembles an ordinary pyramid, only completely covered by grass. Fans of mystics say that inside the pyramid is hollow, there are two huge halls in which incredible things are stored… There is also a legend among local people that there is an underground passage from the gorge of the Malka River leading to the very center of Tuzluk Mountain. And on the top of the mountain there is a flat platform from which the Sun Temple grows . The active part of the route: 1.5 km, elevation difference 2510-2570 m, the duration of the transition 30 minutes.

    14: 00-15: 00 — arrival in Kislovodsk to the railway station, departure home. In your free time, we advise you to take a walk around the famous Resort Park of Kislovodsk, which is located very close to the railway station.

    From the city of Kislovodsk, there are regular buses, trains to Mineralnye Vody (distance 60 km, journey time 1.5-2 hours), where the airport is located.

    Depending on the weather conditions, the physical condition of the participants and other factors, the route of the trip may be changed.

    What is included in an offer

    • Road transport on the route by mountain transport
    • Environmental fees in the National Park Elbrus
    • Accommodation on a paid tourist parking. In the parking lot there is a wooden toilet. At the nearest hostel there is a hot shower (200 rubles), in the evenings it is possible to charge photo and video equipment (100 rubles). Photo album parking.
    • Services instructor guide
    • Three meals a day
    • Rental of group equipment (fire equipment, boilers, awning, gas burners, group first-aid kit).

    What is NOT included in an offer

    • Transportation costs to the beginning of the route and back (Kislovodsk).
    • Personal equipment (tent, backpack, sleeping bag, karemat). If necessary, our club will provide rental equipment.
    • Insurance (optional)

    What should a client bring

    Dear tourists, we draw your attention! Our campground stands at the foot of Elbrus, at an altitude of 2550 m. After sunset and early in the morning in the parking lot it's cold, the temperature drops to +6… + 12C. Be sure to take warm clothes!

    • Tent
    • Backpack / bag / suitcase for things
    • Sleeping bag (comfort temperature 0 ...- 5С). Air temperature at night in a tent + 4… + 9C.
    • Karemat
    • Podpopnik
    • Hat, gloves
    • Cap / panama
    • Jacket. The air temperature is early in the morning and late in the evening + 6… + 12C.
    • Fliska
    • Spare fleece and warm pants (for walking in the camp in the evening)
    • T-shirt
    • Lightweight long sleeve shirt. A shirt will protect your hands and neck from burning.
    • Running pants
    • Underwear
    • Thermal underwear
    • Socks
    • Trekking shoes / two pairs of sneakers
    • Walking shoes in the camp. In the camp of the grass, which is wet in the morning and evening. We recommend to have closed shoes, for example, galoshes.
    • Swimsuit
    • Rainwear or rainwear
    • Tracking sticks. Sticks significantly reduce the load on the knees. Physically strong and healthy tourists, we recommend to have a stick. Tourists who have problems with their knees, joints and obesity should have trekking poles. If necessary, the club provides trekking poles for rent.
    • Passport / child's birth certificate. Be sure to have the original documents (not a copy).
    • Camera, camcorder
    • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, razor, towel)
    • Hairbrush
    • Sunglasses
    • Plastic bottle 0.5 liters (for drinking water on the route)
    • Toilet paper
    • Plate, mug, spoon. The plate and the cup should not be breakable (plastic or iron).
    • Torch
    • Wet wipes
    • Thread, needle
    • Backpack for walking (volume 15-20 liters)
    • Portable Power Bank charger for recharging a mobile phone (optional)
    • Sunscreen, hygienic lipstick
    • Protective cream against insect bites. In the evenings there may be mosquitoes.
    • Individual first aid kit. Required: elastic bandage, patch.