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    Climbing Elbrus from the South: BASE LEVEL 2017

    Basic details

    Place: Mineral water, Russia,
    Duration: 10 days

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    • Person (2-100 persons)
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    • Climbing Elbrus from the South: BASE LEVEL 2017
    • Climbing Elbrus from the South: BASE LEVEL 2017
    • Climbing Elbrus from the South: BASE LEVEL 2017
    • Climbing Elbrus from the South: BASE LEVEL 2017
    • Climbing Elbrus from the South: BASE LEVEL 2017
    • Climbing Elbrus from the South: BASE LEVEL 2017
    • Climbing Elbrus from the South: BASE LEVEL 2017

    What to expect

    Elbrus is called the pearl of the Caucasus, and both its peaks are included in the number not only of the greatest peaks of the planet, but also among the largest extinct volcanoes! The unique beauty of the Elbrus region with its incredible sunsets and dawns attracts people from all over the world.

    The ascent to Elbrus from the south is not technically difficult. Its gentle slopes are within the power of any person with moderate physical training. Our ascensions will be on the classic route — the ascent from the south. They provide for optimal acclimatization with a gradual climb, intermediate nights, a day of rest before climbing. It is good acclimatization that will allow the body to adapt effectively to the high altitude conditions. The organizer discusses the program of preparation for ascent individually with each participant.

    DATES: 6-16 July, 26 July — 5 August, 5-15 August 2017


    A basic level of:

    1 day — meeting, acquaintance, transfer from Mineralnye Vody and Pyatigorsk, overnight in a comfortable tent camp (there is a shower) (2200 m)

    Day 2 — climb to 3500 without lifts to area 105 picket (important for acclimatization), overnight in tent camp

    Day 3 — acclimatization walk along the Terskol Glacier to the Terskol Pass, overnight in a tent camp

    Day 4 — acclimatization walk along the Gara-Bashi glacier, climb to the Ice Base (3,700 m), overnight in a tent camp

    Day 5 — descent to the tent camp along the Terskol gorge, overnight in a well-tented tent camp (2200 m)

    6th day — we check the equipment and on the new cable car we go up to 3800 m, we walk up to the camp site on 4100 m; for well-being today it is possible to climb up to 4300-4500 m, overnight in tents

    Day 7 — weather and well-being — climb to Pastukhov Rocks 4700 m, or before the beginning of the Scythe (5100 m), overnight in tents

    Day 8 — for the weather and well-being — rest during the day, go to bed early (at 17-18 hours), rise at 00:00, exit at the attempt to climb at 1:00

    Day 9 is a spare day in case the weather on the 8th day did not allow the climb

    10th day — descent down, rest, sauna at will, farewell dinner, overnight in comfortable tent camp (2200 m)

    11 day — transfer to Mineral waters, on the way we will visit the thermal springs Geduco

    IMPORTANT: the ascent program is written approximately — the acclimatization exits are planned by the guide on site based on the qualitative composition of the group and the participants' well-being! With good weather and good health of the group, a guide may decide to make an additional overnight stay in the tent at an altitude of approximately 4300 m.

    Our main guide is Yevgeny Kruten, a master of sports in mountain tourism, a ski and tourist instructor, for more than a quarter of a century he lives under the slopes of Elbrus in the village of Terskol, so you can not imagine a guide. We even wrote an article about him, see the link — mwtravel.ru/blog/kruten-evgenij-nash-osnovnoj-gid-na-elbruse/

    What is included in an offer

    • use of group equipment
    • spending the night in a well-equipped camp at 2200 m (3 nights)
    • place in the tent (organizer provided 3-bed mountain tents)
    • providing a group on the route with gas and water
    • full 3 meals a day (except for meals in a cafe at the request of participants)
    • Travel from Mineral waters / Pyatigorsk to Terskol and back
    • public first-aid set and remnabor
    • travel by cable car 2 times — once up, once down
    • one attempt to climb (an attempt to climb is considered to be a night out of the camp)
    • registration in the Ministry of Emergency Situations
    • group leader services

    What is NOT included in an offer

    • train / plane tickets
    • rent of personal equipment (sleeping bag, foam), as well as equipment for climbing (ice ax, straps, cats, trekking sticks). It is more convenient and cheaper to use the services of hire on site — in Terskol (there is a discount for our participants for rent of equipment).
    • visiting cafes / canteens / restaurants
    • pocket expenses
    • payment of contributions to the national park for passage to the acclimatization zone and for climbing (we do not include them in the cost, as there is a possibility that they will not have to pay for them every year in different ways); in 2016 the payment for the passage to the acclimatization zone was 50 rubles, for the ascent — 1200 rubles
    • additional nights in the hotel or shelters (at the request of the participants or if necessary in case of bad weather, the cost of spending the night in hotels and shelters — up to 1000 r per night)
    • Additional transfers and transportation of backpacks at will of participants
    • additional attempts to climb as far as possible (15000 p per group up to 5 people)
    • accommodation in hostels / hotels before or after the route

    What should a client bring



    • Ice ax
    • Cats, soft
    • Wristwatch
    • Tent mountain (with skirt)
    • Matches (in waterproof packaging)
    • Packages of polyethylene or lightweight hermetic bags for clothes
    • Polyethylene bags (T-shirts) 5 pieces in stock
    • Sidushka (hobby)
    • Sunglasses (mountain, degree of protection 4)
    • Thermos
    • Water tank (plastic bottle / hydraulic system / flask)
    • Towel (microfibre)
    • Headlamp flashlight and a set of spare batteries for it
    • Tableware (mug, spoon, bowl, knife)
    • Trekking sticks (telescopic)
    • Touristic winter rug
    • Sleeping bag (t comfort -15 -10 degrees)
    • Backpack for radial outlets (up to 30 liters, light)
    • Cape on a backpack from the rain
    • Backpack tourist (from 80 l for women, from 90 l for men)


    • Power bank (battery charger)
    • Compression bag for three-dimensional clothes
    • Mobile phone with charging
    • Camera


    • Wet wipes
    • Hygiene Lipstick
    • Toothbrush and paste (small package)
    • Sunscreen cream (spf 70)
    • Small scissors or nail clippers
    • Small mirror
    • Small pack of shampoo
    • A small piece of soap
    • Comb
    • Toilet paper in waterproof packaging

    Personal first aid kit

    • Individual preparations
    • Nasal drops
    • Coldrex / teraflu
    • Patch
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    • 1 shirt or shirt with long sleeves
    • 2 running T-shirts (synthetics)
    • Balaclava
    • Buff (scarf)
    • Climbing boots (plastic)
    • Track trekking diaphragm lungs (firm sole, fixed ankle)
    • Verkhonki (very warm mittens)
    • Gaiters / flashlights
    • For girls — a sports bra (in normal uncomfortable)
    • Sneakers / sneakers
    • Swimsuit / swimming trunks
    • Underwear (better synthetic) in reasonable quantities
    • Socks for trekking 2 pairs
    • Woolen socks for sleeping 1 pair
    • Winter gloves / mittens (not woolen)
    • Work gloves
    • Gloves, thin
    • Down jacket winter / ski or snowboard heat jacket
    • Warm fleece jacket
    • Thermal underwear warm (winter)
    • Fleece pants
    • A cap
    • Pants are warm (fit warm ski or snowboard)
    • Pants running (from quick-drying material, easily washable)
    • Headgear from the sun (buff, cap, panama)
    • Membrane jacket (waterproof, windproof) / raincoat tourist to the knees
    • Membrane pants (waterproof, windproof) (if there is a raincoat, you can not take it)
    • Socks (cotton or synthetics) 2 pairs
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    • Document bag for documents
    • Passport of the Russian Federation
    • MHI policy
    • Tickets or route receipts
    • Money for additional expenses
    • Copy of Russian passport
    • Insurance for outdoor activities