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    Elbrus from the south

    Basic details

    Place: the village of Elbrus, Russia,
    Duration: 10 days

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    • Adults (18+)
    • Kids (16-18 years)
    • OK
    • Elbrus from the south
    • Elbrus from the south

    What to expect

    First day

    Check in to the hotel "House for Friends" in the village of Elbrus. Meeting with guides. Evening of acquaintances in the hotel cafe.

    Second day

    Receiving instructions, equipment and all sorts of delicacies. Exit to the acclimatization trip. Rise to the alpine camp "Jan-Tugan" (8 km). The first night in tents. Dinner is cooked at the stake.

    The third day

    Radial access to the Kashkatash glacier. Snow-ice classes (walking in cats, methods of self-restraint, insurance, etc.). Between the case - photography of mountain landscapes. Evening coffee, talks about "black climbers", "jan-tugan devas" and other horrors!

    Fourth day

    Jokes aside. Radial exit to the AUCCS 1B pass of the complexity category and the top of Kurmychi 1B of the c.s. (3310 m above sea level) we are practicing technique and tactics of movement (3 km). At night we sleep soundly. We see good prophetic dreams.

    Fifth day

    Return to base. Shower. Do not relax! We are preparing for the ascent to Elbrus.

    Sixth day

    Transfer to the Azau meadow. We take the cable cars to the slopes of Elbrus to the station "Garabashi" (3800 m). We go to the "Shelter of eleven" (4100 m) (2 km). We equip a high-mountain base camp. We are admiring the panorama of the Greater Caucasus. We struggle with the "miner" by all available methods. We check out the equipment.

    Seventh day

    Radial acclimatization to the Pastukhov rocks (4850 m) and back (6 km). We ask the Mountain for permission to leave. Recreation. We go to bed early. We only think about the pleasant and the high.

    Eighth day

    Early rise. We leave in the dark. We try to climb the summit. With any result, we return in a good mood. Recreation. Celebrate the victory, and maybe build plans for the future ...

    Ninth day

    (Reserve day in case of bad weather). We get down to the base. Farewell dinner. Again I want to go somewhere!

    The tenth day

    Departure. Big tears. Strong handshakes. Morning "horse" ...

    What is included in an offer

    • Accommodation in a hotel in 2-4-bed rooms with private facilities, (for an additional fee, accommodation in more comfortable conditions is possible)

    • 3 meals a day

    • hire of group equipment

    • Lifts to Elbrus according to the program

    • work as an instructor

    • transfers according to the tour program

    • tickets to specially protected natural areas

    • Bathhouse

    • insurance

    What is NOT included in an offer

    • additional excursions,

    • transfers outside the program

    What should a client bring

    • Backpack 80-100 liters (optional, at your discretion, assault backpack 30-40 liters);

    • sleeping bag (comfort - 10);

    • a warm jacket (puff) with a hood;

    • Thermal underwear;

    • waterproof windproof jacket and trousers;

    • protective mask against wind and frost (balaclava);

    • sport suit;

    • mountain boots, sneakers;

    • Warm gloves,

    • a ski hat,

    • cap;

    • a backpack of 80-100 liters;

    • sleeping bag;

    • cats;

    • ice ax;

    • tracking stick;

    • work gloves;

    • climbing cats, ice ax, helmet, safety system, carbines with couplings 3 pcs .;

    • polyurethane foam mat and "sidushka";

    • a rain cape for yourself and for a backpack;

    • shoe covers on legs;

    • sunglasses with non-breaking glasses to protect the eyes from wind, snow, sunlight and sunscreen UV not less than 30;

    • headlamp headlamp (spare batteries - 2 sets);

    • a mug, a spoon, a bowl, a knife (KLMN);